“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Evaluna says:

    @Sherlupe ok….and well it’s nice seeing u again ^.^ a lot of things suuuree have happened XD

  2. Sherlupe says:

    @Evaluna: I can relate; many things have happened with me as well lol

  3. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    you both r best couple all the time

  4. Evaluna says:

    @Alvy Darkstorm hey!!! it’s been such a loooonnngg time since i’ve seen you!!!! how are you???

  5. Evaluna says:

    @Sherlupe lcan I ask what things have happened?? well if ya don’t mind answering XD

    • Sherlupe says:

      @Evaluna: Nah, it’s good. I’m not up for describing the past year or two because of the quantity of events rather than any positives or negatives.

    • Sherlupe says:

      @Evaluna: (Cont)

      I might summarize some things, though, without entering into detail. Relating to this website, I recently had a discussion with an individual about an ultimately pointless topic.

      How about you? How have you been lately?

  6. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    I’m fine @Evaluna….
    wht abut u…?
    also hllw @Sherlupe

  7. Marc says:

    Any other real werewolves on here?

  8. Evaluna says:

    @Lupe im just exhausted XD sophomore year is toughhh and now I feel older…because i’m 16 and I feel sad sometimes because I want to go back to VA I just don’t feel good…living here in AL but welll….I remember that we’ve all had our share of pointless convo’s w/ppl on here XD @Alvy thats great that ur doing well!!! 😀

    • Sherlupe says:

      @Evaluna: Alabama’s pretty, and somewhere in Alabama has this distinct sweet smell lol! I understand that feeling of being away for so long.. living in a new place can’t be terrible, though it can be terrifying. What is there you like about Alabama?

  9. mummy says:


    im a mummy, i might be a werewolf too but im still all bandaged up

  10. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    Why u went to Alabama @Evaluna

  11. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    By the way ,who has fb accounts ?
    @Sherlupe & @Evaluna do u hv ?

  12. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    i miss my late night chats with u guys also i miss someone else too…but it doesn’t matter anymore maybe
    back then in 2017, everyone had came to this site everyday & talked but all are busy now….. it makes me really sad

  13. Alvy Darkstrom says:


  14. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    sry mistaken lol….!

  15. Henry says:

    So I have a question a friend of mine recently found out something that I don’t want her to know and I can’t tell her everything even if I admitted it because other people are apart of the same thing so what should I do try to lie and loose her or tell her the truth

  16. Evaluna says:

    @Alvy yeaaa I do too XD but it isn’t too late to do it again 🙂 I don’t have fb but i’ve got snap and insta @Sherlupe I honestly can’t find something I like 🙁

  17. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    [email protected]
    Bt everyone’s busy …..

  18. Evaluna says:

    @Sherlupe yea….but ig God brought me here for a reason

  19. Tia says:

    @Lupe, I know I have said this a few times, but since the 3rd of October, I have been having really bad Deja-vu. I knew what was going to happen. And it happen every single day since the 3rd of October. On the 3rd of October I was in Darwin doing a contiki tour. On the day that I was in the bus with other people, the bus over heated and we stop really close to where they filmed Wolf Creek. A hour before that, my phone said it was 4:00pm but it was really 1:00pm. When the bus started going again, we didn’t get to the hotel until 4:00pm. Also one of the days, we nearly hit a wild horse. It felt like I was in a dream the whole time. The day the bus over heated, we was driving to Uluru, from Alice Springs. And then today, I knew what my friend was going to do before she did it… But apart from that, it was a really good trip. If you are 18 to 35 you can also do it. I wish I was still there. o.O Oh and I did the ‘cage of death’. o.O

    • Sherlupe says:

      @Tia: Is it possible some of these are coincidences? Also, I’m glad you enjoyed your trip! ^.^ I’m not sure what the cage of death is; it sounds cool lol

  20. seseseseseseses says:


  21. Sherlupe says:

    @seseseseseseses: Hey?

  22. Evaluna says:

    @Sherlupe but ig since i’m here in AL now imma just have to adjust to life here…. 🙂

  23. EmCWolf says:

    @Evaluna I hope the move went well.
    @Sherlupe, good to see you’re still around. Same to you @Alvy
    And, @Legions, if they’re still here: you don’t know what we have been through. You can’t call it fake because you experienced none of what we have gone through and continue to manage.

  24. Sherlupe says:

    When one focuses on “positivity,” it can be easy to delve into a strict “I must be happy” mentality. If that one isn’t happy, something is wrong and must be fixed – also, life must work around that happiness so that one can be happy. It’s ok to feel sadness, frustration, or discomfort. The moment where positivity creates more negativity than joy is when the positivity seeks to control life. Our decisions truly do impact the future, but we must come to terms that we aren’t in control of life. The moment we do this, we feel more at peace.

    For this to work, one cannot force life into submission. They must instead seek to act BECAUSE of life, instead of act to cause the instances in life one wants to occur. I can do all I desire to “become” a werewolf, but life doesn’t work that way and chances are it’s not gonna happen. Instead, I can take “being human” and use it to better myself by accepting myself. The lesson in this isn’t to accept one’s position, or the events which one experiences. The lesson is that it’s alright to not enjoy whatever situation it is; since everyone has different experiences, all I can say is: act in response to life, not to cause life to respond

    • Sherlupe says:

      I was tired while typing this, so I missed a few counter-arguments.

      1: Don’t we create our future?

      2: Everyone’s situation is different, so this may not help with the specific situation.

      3: By acting in response to life, wouldn’t one live a life where they wait for things to happen instead of go out and live life?

      4: It’s easy to understand one isn’t in control of life, but wouldn’t that cause life to spiral downward due to lack of control?

      5: Do I have to take this advice/information, or could I find my own means of coping?

      In a sense, we partly create our future. Our actions do have consequences (good or bad) which impacts what happens – but it’s like a story; we react to the world, but the author is writing regardless of our decisions. This means that sometimes instances may occur which one doesn’t plan for, nor would they enjoy.

      This specific message I sent was aimed at a particular audience going through a specific thing. It may not pertain to some, and for others it may not help. That wasn’t the point anyways.. the purpose was to propose an opinion which others are free to take if they wish.

      One would partly wait for instances to occur rather than cause them to occur. The intended point was to state that one wouldn’t act before an instance occurred. Instead, they would act in response to that instance, giving them time to think before they act. This specific section was aimed at a particular audience and isn’t intended to be taken as a universal truth.

      If one isn’t in control of their life, couldn’t it spiral downward? Yes. So, if we aren’t in control of our life, does that mean our lives would go southward? This is a misinterpretation of what I meant, which I thought would be good to cover. One not “being in control” of life doesn’t mean they aren’t in control of their lives. It means they don’t control reality. Instead, they merely act in it. One may be in a place they’d rather not be, and that proves that statement. It’s like us and the “author.” We don’t write the story; all of us are characters.

      You (as the audience) don’t have to take this advice if you don’t wish to. My proposition was an opinion intended to aid anyone who would wish to take it. It aims at a specific audience and may not help others. You may find your own method of coping, this is just my own.

      Anyways, thx for reading and have a great day!

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