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  1. Evaluna says:

    @EmCWolf yeaaa it was alright…..but its gonna take a long time to adjust to life here 🙁

  2. Maloki says:

    What’s it take to become a werewolf?

  3. Luna says:

    Hi, I am new to this chat room. So are they any Hybrids here?

  4. Luna says:

    You see the only reason I am asking is because I am a hybrid. I just wanted to know if there was any other hybrid out there besides me. I have to go my pack needs me.

  5. Lav says:

    Whatttt werewolves exist?! Ok thats cool! Do they like have mates and stuff? Are all whattpad stories True? Do you live in packs? Do you have an Alpha? How is beeing an Alpha? Are all alphas males? How do you Know when you found your Mate? Do you shift whenever you want or is it the Moon? Are there more species of werewolves? How do you become one? I think it would be so amazing that there is a posibility that a person can transform in to a Wolf. Btw are you like the twilling version or more like Van Helsing version with Hugh Jackman?
    I Hope its the Van Helsing version couse that black Wolf was Hot as hell. I mean did you see that hair and furr? It looks so softt i Just wanna cudle with him and sleep with that kind of wolf

    • Luna says:

      There are many kinds of werewolfs. There are the werewolfs that transform into two leged ones. And actrually there is a specific breed of werewolfs called Ultimas that have a form similar to Twilight’s virsion. But they got it wrong. Sorry my english is bad. Beaing an Alpha is really stressfull. You have to look after your pack, keep the peace, and they look to you for leadership. Ummm…ok so like a general, but they don’t let ANY of their people die before they do. And werewolfs can have hybrid pups with shifters and vampires. Nobady really knows about Ultimas because they keep to themselves and the only way, you can tell an Ultima from a normal werewolf is by there form. And they don’t like to transform infront of any none pack member. You see I am a werewolf vampire hybrid. My father is an Ultima Alpha and my mother was a elite vampire.

  6. Remus says:

    sorry I’ve been dead lately, the boyfriend has been stressed and the school has been putting on a production of Oliver! which I’m on stage crew for

  7. Unknown says:

    Yes we have mates just like regular people. No we don’t live in packs but we have packs. Yes we have Alphas. it’s pretty cool I guess??? No not all alphas are males females can be alphas as well. We don’t really know being mates is more basses off of how you feel when your with each other it’s kind of like regular dating but sometimes it becomes a life long commitment. We can shift whenever we just have to learn to control it but not everyone dose. Their are three species of werewolves the first one is a dormant werewolf who has the abilities of a werewolf but can’t physically turn into one the second is a half breed who are a mix between man and wolf and look something like you’d see in the underworld movies then their are the pure bloods like me who are the result of a long line of pure bred Werewolves mating with other purebreds. The only way to become a werewolf is to be born one. Purebreds turn into full wolves and half breeds are a mutated version.

  8. shifter says:

    there’s also shifters but that’s more of a mutation that allows us to stay in control, of course there are no Dormant shifters as they can’t shift but the other two can have shifters, I myself am half pure, not sure what other half I am as my Mother died before I turned 1, only reason I know that is because my father told me everything except what she was

  9. mahalia says:

    i seen a werewolf on my porch yesterday have any advise for me

  10. EmCWolf says:

    @Lav: Buckle up, this is a long answer.
    1. Yes, we exist. It’s honestly not as cool as you’d think. For the most part, we’re just like you.
    2. Yes, we have mates. Not in the cliche young-adult-fiction kind of way though. There’s no “imprinting” or destined mates or anything that forceful. It’s like falling in love as a human, but more intense. You just kind of *know* that they’re your person. They don’t have to also be a wolf.
    3. Wattpad stuff is fictional. Even if some of it is true, of course not all of it will be. Hollywood and writers have run amok with our lore and histories, and of course they’ve embellished things quite a bit to make it exciting. Excitement sells, the truth rarely does.
    4. Most of us have packs, but we don’t live together in a commune or anything. Before I left, my pack was online and we had members from all over, even a few different countries. In this day and age, trying to all live together is impractical, and would likely make us a bigger target.
    5. Most packs choose to use the Alpha hierarchy. My old pack used Greek letters for all of our ranks and there were at least 9 ranks that I can recall. I can’t speak to what it’s like being Alpha, but from what I know it’s just like being the leader of any group. As former Beta, running the pack is stressful most of the time for the higher ranks (Alpha, Beta, Delta). There’s a lot to do to keep a group going smoothly, especially when it’s as structured as a pack.
    6. Most packs choose to have an Alpha pair, as modeled in the study on wild wolves. In the wild, the Alpha pair is the breeding pair and thus only ones who have pups…obviously that doesn’t translate into werewolf life.
    7. As I said earlier, when you’ve found your mate, you’ll just know. Sometimes the bond remains platonic (friendship) instead of romantic, and that’s perfectly normal.
    8. Shifting is a tricky subject. There’s not a lot of concrete evidence about it, obviously, so there’s a lot of room for personal beliefs. To me, shifts happen at will, but I am more aware of the desire to shift when the moon is at/near being full. I mainly shift mentally, I’m still working on achieving a physical shift (which some will say is impossible, and I respect that belief).
    9. There aren’t different species of werewolves. We turn into “normal”, regular sized, four-legged wolves. Anyone who tells you different has watched too many movies or read too many false stories. As far a “normal” wolf species, though, that does exist. Some of us shift into coyotes, red wolves, timber wolves, arctic wolves, etc. etc.
    10. Becoming a werewolf is also a touchy subject. As far as I’m aware, the only way to be a wolf is to be born one. Biting, if effective, only works because it awakens a dormant part of whoever is bitten. Basically, you still have to be a wolf on some level.
    11. Again, Twilight and most other movies/shows are very glammed up an inaccurate so they can make a profit. If a werewolf physically shifts, they turn into a normally-sized, four-legged wolf.

    • Luna says:

      Huh? So does that mean my shifting form is not like your’s because I’m half vampire? O_O Because as fa a I know my form is not a “normal” wolf per say. So you were a Bata? Question, in your old pack were they only werewolfs? I only ask this because my pack is uh…diveresd? -_-
      Not just werewolfs.

  11. Unknown says:

    Ok well if any of you are real werewolves answer me this what is the one way a werewolf can be killed with silver and what is a natural weakness a werewolf has that is not made by man

  12. Zero says:

    that would be the plant Aconitum if i think

  13. Zero says:

    @EmCWolf its been a while
    @Luna how have u been
    @Unknown i think that flower is a natural product tht can kill a werewolf…

  14. Unknown says:

    That is correct so the second question remains what is the only way you can kill a werewolf with silver

  15. Zero says:

    @Luna so your a werewolf and vampire. I have a question do u have vampire symptoms.?

  16. Zero says:

    i have a question for you to @unkown what is something more dangerous then a vampire and werewolf…

  17. Zero says:

    well that would be a silver object that pierces the heart or is it the head
    I get confused with the two alot…

  18. Zero says:

    @EmCWolf i wanted to ask if you still go on to that one google docs page that has been vacent for a while

  19. Zero says:

    their was something i needed to tell u their since its kinda sensitve to em tbh …

  20. Unknown says:

    The only way to kill a werewolf with silver is by laceing it with mercury ,@zero the only thing more dangerous than a werewolf or a vampire is miss informed people. Silver is just a risk

    • Sherlupe/Lupe (which should i use?) says:

      I. Love. That. XD

      “The only thing more dangerous than a werewolf or a vampire is misinformed people.”


  21. Wolfy says:

    Hi guys it’s nice to see some new people on hopeful you will actually stay on this site rather then just posting one comment and leaving and I also see some people I recognise
    @evaluna @Emcwolf and also @zero I might be wrong but aren’t you ohanzee I think I spelt it right finally if anybody has any questions about werewolf related things I will try and answer best I can 🙂

  22. ohanzee says:

    yup i am wolfy and lol almost spelled it right

  23. ohanzee says:

    Wolfy can you help me out with something????

  24. Wolfy says:

    @ Ohanzee Yea sure what is it?

  25. ohanzee says:

    Im something actually called a empath which can be noted as different levels from knowing how they are feeling without knowing them to feeling everyone emotions around you, and im trying to figure out how to control this since it gets annoying when u feel anger an show it or aggregation …

    But how are you doing wolfy

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