“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Wolfy says:

    @ohanzee ah ok I just done a slight bit of research it just says that your probably not going to do well with crowds or energy vamps so it just says to breathe if your getting to much negative energy I also read that you know people’s pain points which i’m Think means you could probably hold your own against the majority of other supernaturals since you would know were to hit on there body to cause the most damage and yes I’m doing fine since I last commented I have moved up into a sixth form college which the American equivalent would be grade 11.

  2. ohanzee says:

    @Wolfy thank you for the help , and also im glad your doing ok and not trying to pry on your privacy but ive enever heard of sixth form of college

  3. ohanzee says:

    O.O wow no wonder why im asleep and your awake…

  4. ohanzee says:

    @Wolfy i do appreciate the help since my parents are getting a divorced, and it’s been hard since both are normally regulating negative enrgy all day and night which is making me sick to my stomach in the mornings now. In turn takes time from school since i’m sick to my stomach…

  5. Sherlupe/Lupe (Which should i use?) says:

    I’m just gonna sit this one out and watch the misinformation. *grabs electric popcorn and eats it*

  6. ohanzee says:

    I’m actually being honest they are getting a divorce and im a diagnost empath by a psychologist if you dont bileve me lupe then dont no one is going to stop you, so hope youve been doing better then me…

    • Lupe says:

      Not talking about your life, apologies for miscommunicating. The misinformation refers to this talk about the “supernatural.” Also, I’ve decided to use “Lupe” for the time being since it’s simpler to type. Y’all need to remind me not to change it anymore lol 😛

  7. ohanzee says:

    also to ask is it lupe or sherlupe :///////

  8. ohanzee says:

    Also @Lupe i wanted to ask you something from (December 9th 2018 9:43 am) to someone called Dante about vampires. He said they act on impulse for a time being when they do this awakening thing.

    Off topic i wanted to ask something that most people gets confused about and whenever i try to explain it things just gets more confused, but normally if i get into any physical confrontation i normally act on impulse instead of trying to think its kinda weird could you explain better?

    • Lupe says:

      @Ohanzee: I understand what you’re saying haha! I guess when you act on impulse in physical confrontation, it’s your body’s natural way to defend yourself if you feel threatened or nervous, by whichever means you meant by physical confrontation.

      Let’s say there’s an argument between two people. It begins as a disagreement/debate, then it grows into more. The reason fights begin is cause people act on impulse to defend themselves – it’s just instinct! This isn’t to say fighting is good, it’s to say it’s a natural impulse. People disagree naturally because they feel they should defend themselves, as a natural impulse.

      Let’s say John (a made up character) has a crush on someone, but he gets scared and doesn’t feel like “being himself” because he’s scared to. He defends himself by trying to act all cool and tuff, when in reality he’s a mess on the inside.

      All in all, acting on impulse rather than thinking is natural in any biological species. It’s the body’s natural “go to” when the mind doesn’t know what to do.

      For thinking’s sake, it takes both knowing what’s better to do in a scenario and keeping to that better thing as best one can, even if they fail. Just remember no one’s perfect! It’s ok to have flaws, at least in my book lol 😉

      I don’t even know what that awakening thing is still, and it seems like utter nonsense.

    • Lupe says:

      Just a reminder, I can GIVE advice as best I can, and any explanation as I can, but I cannot promise anything I say will help. I guess what I’m trying to say is trust in your BETTER judgement, which may not always be the first that comes to mind. Lol I trust you could figure out how to deal with physical confrontation on your own

  9. Pride says:

    so how many people are on here?

  10. ohanzee says:

    Thank you also i have another question for you @lupe was dante a vampire, or no??

  11. Unknown says:

    Einstein once said that their are two ways to live life one as though everything is a miracle and the other as though nothing’s a miracle. Not to say you should believe everything someone says but you should always consider the impossible as possible!

  12. Luna says:

    I have a few questions for you.
    1. Is my form odd because I am a hybrid of a werewolf and vampire?
    2.How come alphas won’t leave me alone once, they find out I’m a hybrid?
    3.How come people call me a Ultimus?
    I really need to know why so if you have any idea, please tell me.

    • Luna says:

      I may not be able to reply because my pack likes to barge into my home and refuse to leave. So I will get here when I can.

    • ohanzee says:

      #1-tbh idk but @Lupe time for you to figure this one out lol…
      @Luna one thing i have to say is that supposedly hybirds are actually extremely rare amongst your race and you are actually stronger then a alpha so that could be a reason in my opinion on #2.
      #3 is odd i looked up what ultimus was and it means the last heir —in feudal law often applied to the sovereign as taking property when other capable heirs fail. Which i would say is that you are a very rare (not trying to be really rude or anything,but specimen to them since your a hybird) i would say the alphas think no one else beside them are capable to marry you since they think themselves better then the rest of other people… (now ultimuse is something ive never heard before even in folklore…
      Also tbh i wish i lived in your general area so i could get some information, but i cant and the web is vague in m ost things about werewolves ,vampires but hybirds is gonna be difficult to look into wish me luck. :)…

  13. ohanzee says:

    Also @Luna do you have any type of folklore in your area anything at all would be helpful even a Indian tribe could help so i could delve into a specific group and also tbh my opinion on werewolves like alphas are annoyign and also im hoping to find people tht think like me :/.

    • ohanzee says:

      not all werewolves just the alphas of some they act so different that its antagonizing and also they usually do whatever they want when they want kinda like your situation his pack is probably extremely reliant on the alpha and the betas probably dont have anything they can do to try to change his mine, but its weird ik some packs are different with each one. His sounds more like what he says goes no one laves unless he says in situation. Also are they always together when he just barges in or is he alone that would help also. I’ll try to get in touch with someone i kinda dont like tbh, but it might help me understand your situation a bit better with how he acts.

      My opinion after thinking about how he acts is weird. Best i can say for now is try to not give in he doesnt want to hurt you but he might (in my opinion).

    • Luna says:

      Well there are some legends of my parents kind….but….let’s just say that I am the last one for a reason.

  14. Lupe says:

    If anything, I’ve always preferred packs over other group setups. It really depends on the way they run the pack tbh, I’m extremely picky.

    @Luna: For 1: That’s not something I can really answer haha.. of the hybrids I’ve heard of before, werewolf/vampire is the most common. It’s more common than you might expect 😉

    @Ohanzee: What you’re describing is the “Alpha” mentality. It’s a thing in psychology which you described well. At times, I admit I have that kinda mindset haha.. but most of the time, I’m more of a Beta male than an Alpha male. This isn’t to describe ranks in a pack, but rather names for a grouped mindset. But I cannot be an Omega male, it just doesn’t seem like who I actually am.

    The rank Alpha is intriguing to delve into, one I’ve been attempting to learn around 2 years now. The term Alpha in a pack is a leadership title, which comes with everything a leader must do. Of all the things I’ve learned, a leader must lead, not micromanage. The Alpha isn’t being an Alpha until they can fulfill that leading portion. Leading comes from beginning with your own example.. the best kind of leader leads with giving others the choice to follow rather than force them to. I can go on, but I’d rather not say anything at once. Thanks for reading this if you did! 8D

    • Luna says:

      But my parents are not normal. They are also hybrids and I seem to have the same powers. My father was a werewolf demon hybrid(ultima).
      My mother was a vampire cat hybrid. I seem to be all four. Well two. -_- I myself am an Alpha.

    • Lupe says:

      @Luna: Intriguing. So you’re a demon werewolf vampire cat who’s an Alpha. I wonder what that would look like in a werewolf form. Kinda scary if you ask me, but I have a wild imagination lol! Btw if your mother and father were both hybrids, that proves my point. Case closed, hybrids are more common than you may think. XD I’ll be honest tho, you didn’t strike me as an aggressive type, neither the Alpha type. Must be wrong tho *shrugs*

  15. Lupe says:

    Haha Ultimus Heres, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means what Ohanzee described. But in Marvel, it’s apparently a character? Also, it’s the name of an accounting company; Ultimus Fund Solutions. Lol

  16. Norah says:

    @luna Well I don’t know what to say on this but you might possibly be an ulitma witch is an werewolf that is alot stronger than a alpha . Thats probly why they wont leave you alone but if you are an ultima that means that your stronger than all of them so you might just simply setting some boundaries but i am no werewolf or werewolf expert i am just an medium that is overly obsessed with the super natural. And the hybrid between an vampire and werewolf is super rare and since your part vampire as well that might be another reason that your pack members are barging in on you (sorry for my spelling)

  17. ohanzee says:

    @Lupe well i was in a pack but its kinda weird at the same time… thier were a alpha,beta, and delta… but i had a weird position outside the pack that they didnt like much.. He said i was more like a raven to him that he could trust to get information (some things for him with ease,but he got mad at me when i turned him down on a offer tho he made for me exactly 1 year 82 days and 4 minutes.

    • Lupe says:

      @Ohanzee: Interesting.. I’ve heard of that rank in packs, normally from what I’ve heard they’re very important. Hm.. anyways, I’ve had some experience in the past which was admittedly not the best, but I’ve learned a thing or two on how to improve the pack experience. I kinda miss having one, while at the same time I’m uncertain if my current one still exists. It’s kinda weird lol

      @Norah: Aww are you sure they can’t transform into accounting business on the full moon? That would’ve been far more interesting 😛

  18. ohanzee says:

    @Norah thank you I might be able to get more information now that i thought was lost a while back :)…

    Also one question what source did you find this im intrigued…

  19. ohanzee says:

    Also @ Norah your a median isn’t that someone who is able to commune with the dead if i’m correct? hopefully we can become friends XD and also if im right about that well i finally have someone to talk to about the dreams i’ve been having who might be able to relate..

  20. ohanzee says:

    @everyone i still have one question idk if he was telling the truth but we use to be friends with each other till last week when he kinda creeped me out by saying his father (supposedly hunts supernatural beings ) he said mostly anything that is supposedly evil in nature… Plus his father on the other hand of the spectrum from a personal experience gives off a extremely aggressive energy when i first met him after school let out

    • Luna says:

      My kind is “Evil” an Ultima is a hybrid of a werewolf and demon. My mother a vampire werecat hybrid. They are known for going on killing sprees. Me I am both Ultima and vampire werecat….and I can relate with your dreams. But me, I have REALLY bad anger issues. I can tell you some of my powers. And I would like to meet you aswell. People normally run or tell Hunters on me when they find out what I am. It’s nice to meet some people who would help and not want to harm me or my pack.

  21. ohanzee says:

    i havent heared of anyone like that in over 100 years that did that for a living (supposedly)

  22. ohanzee says:

    @Lupe the alpha that i had talked to did agree with what norah said about ultima, but he said alphas have the same instinct but they think things differently… He also told me that something is different about me then when me and him last met, and he is right things has been strange for me for the past few days…, and i kinda threw up the food and soda from lunch 🙁
    @everyone im confused about whats been going on with me for the past 4 days its kinda weird and idk what to do about it.

    Everything i eat or drink taste like its spoiled rotten, and also when i do eat or drink anything my throat burns like someone poured hot sauce down my throat… Then thiers the other thing that is hard to describe but my heart rate has slowed alot also

    • Lupe says:

      @Ohanzee: So, basically that Alpha said Ultimus were really strong werewolves? Interesting.. equally interesting that it’s changed to ultimas. Ah.. makes me think back on MyStreet, to the Ultimas they showed lol believe it or not, I’m actually watching that show now! I’m currently on Season 2 of the high school series. It’s interesting so far.. lol I kinda like it. Now, back to reality – I’m probably the only one on here who’s actually been Alpha, let alone an Alpha Human. XD beat that lol

    • Lupe says:

      Wait hold on – that last part was meant for @everyone, not just Ohanzee. Lol my bad XD

  23. Unknown says:

    @ohanzee, I’m just a werewolf but my pack has legends about your kind a werewolf vampire hybrid. At a certain age they can no longer just eat regular food because their body is trying to adapt to the natures of both breeds and if you’ve been using your vampire abilities more than you have before it’s possible your body just needs blood to get back to normal.

  24. ohanzee says:

    @Unknown ik i have vampires on my mothers side
    , but werewolf that could come from my indian heritage which are cherokee indians…

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