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  1. Dark fang says:

    @ Naomi no werewolves do not have specific birthdays but their are days of which we consider to be special to be born on. Scratching stuff is a sign of nerves and anger in many cases that are not specific to werewolves. And he could be tense do to stress. But I’ll look into him for you just give me a while.

  2. naomi says:

    okay, then what days??

  3. Dark fang says:

    @ Naomi not the one you mentioned lol theirs nothing special about may 26th and unless you know the year not much digging to do

  4. naomi says:

    okay so i tried to stab him with a pen and it didn’t go so well, so i was across from him in science, (standing) and there was a table between us, so i grabbed the pen and my stupid self said “you know i gotta stab u right” so ofc he knew, so I tried multiple times but then one time i was going to stab him with it, but he caught (you know those times in movies where somebody throws a punch and the person catches it with their hand, basically that) the pen so then he snatches it away then tosses it he was probs stronger today bc it’s closer to the full moon
    @Dark fang ok what ab his middle name

  5. Dark fang says:

    @ Naomi You never have a middle name and it probably wouldn’t have to do much with his back story though I did find out that the name caldera originated from Spain and that it was also adopted as a trade name for people who make pots and cook

  6. naomi says:

    @ DarkFang okay then I’ll probs just wait until Monday but wouldn’t he be exhausted bc the full moon was on Sunday??

  7. Dark fang says:

    @ Naomi No I don’t think I don’t have a problem with it most of us generally have some sort of sleep disorder anyway like I have insomnia plus it makes it easier to come up with excuses of why I was up so late or I left in the middle of the night not saying all of us have that pleasure but most of the werewolves I know have sleep disorders to where they can be ok with little to no sleep. But be cautious of him.

  8. naomi says:

    @ Dark fang Oh yeah, speaking of sleep, he says he lives off of adrenaline and barley sleeps so that’s something similar but I’ll be more cautious and not make stupid decisions ahaha

  9. Dark fang says:

    @ Naomi by the way the full moon is tonight not Sunday

  10. Dark fang says:

    Why did my picture change

  11. Dark fang says:

    Oh I put in my old email that’s funny lol

  12. naomi says:

    haha you look like a rip off doritos in that

  13. naomi says:

    Is it true that you break every bone in your body? Plus what ab hunting

  14. Dark fang says:

    I’m not sure we break every bone but they do shift positions and some have to break for that to happen and we hunt but mostly just animals

  15. Dshadows says:

    Hey everyone

  16. Dshadows says:

    Hey everyone.

  17. Dshadows says:

    I’d like to join the coversation

  18. Dshadows says:

    If anyone has any lycanthropy questions I’d be more than happy to try and answer them.

  19. I have a question what does it feel to be normal in anyway

  20. Lupe says:

    Hello everyone! ^.^

    @Pen stabbing conversation: Strange.

    @Dshadows: Hit me with all the information you’ve got.

    @Noah: My boi is back! XD Unless you’re not the Noah from before, then I apologize for the mix-up.

    @Alvy: Today ^.^

    @Wolfy: It’s a complicated subject. In short, physical transformation because of genetics is bs. It’s a practice rather than a trait, something one aims to achieve. Genetics play a small role if any, merely passing down the dominant trait.

    In long requires a lengthy message. Apologies to those who don’t like them, you can skip over this if you’d like.

    Let’s suggest a “werewolf” is defined as having better sense of smell, growth of thicker hair, and ability to see better in the dark. Although other traits may be applied, I’m using these for this example. The sense of smell refers to their olfactory portion of their brain being larger than a normal human’s. The ability to see in the dark refers to their eyes having adapted a “tapetum” behind their retina, giving their eyes a second chance to detect the light. And thicker hair is simply a trait that causes one’s hair to be thicker.

    The problem here is: there’s no wolf. Although similar in capability and some in design, these are traits possible for humans to adapt. This makes a “werewolf” how I described it to be a human thing rather than a wolf thing. So where does the actual connection come from in terms of animals with man? As I’ve said before, I believe Therians and Otherkin are the closest we can get. One of these has to do solely with the mind while another with their spirit. Neither of these are genetic.

    Despite me giving my approach on genetics in werewolves, this is my own personal view. Others may form their own opinion. This is just an explanation from myself why werewolf genetics are bs.

  21. Lupe says:

    @Wolfy: I’m available on my Instagram if you’d like to discuss it further there. I’ll message you (since you’ve messaged me already) so you know what my Instagram is.

    • Lupe says:

      Shoot, I’ve lost your Instagram account. Mine is @Kotathefox. ONLY WOLFY MESSAGE IT, I’ll block anyone else who does.

    • Lupe says:

      @All: Actually, I don’t want anyone messaging me on that account. I suddenly don’t feel comfortable with the idea..

  22. naomi says:

    I’m taking a break from this website, I’ll be back in ab 2 weeks cya

  23. Sator says:

    Has anyone here read “Werewolves, the occult truth” by Konstantinos, It is very interesting and discusses the various ways of explaining werewolves including the possibility of “astral werewolves” as in that when a person sleeps or goes into a trance state, their spirit leaves their body and takes the form a a large, physical wolf that can interact with the physical world. He also discusses various historical cases of werewolves from during the time of the Inquisition as well as various werewolf rituals.. For me, the exposition or little story at the start of each chapter kind of threw me off and can make the book seem less serious or well researched than it actually is but when he continues with the actual content, it is gold. Also, to back up what Lupe said, traditionally and historically, there has never been any mention of “Genetic werewolves” and that one can only become a werewolf through their bloodline, I am not saying its impossible but, this is only a feature of modern fiction and any mention completely absent from this “genetic trait” other than the berserkers in ancient norse sagas who don’t really transform but rather wear wolf pelts and run amok with incredible strength. Personally, I believe werewolves are powerful sorcerers that can use their power to transform into wolves,. Anyway regardless of anything else, I highly recommend the book for all here and those genuinely interested in werewolves.

    • Lupe says:

      @Sator: I agree with your comment to me about “genetic werewolves” being a product of modern fiction. I’ll either check out that book or will research similar topics on it before I comment on everything else.

  24. Dark fang says:

    @ All, anyone on this site anymore

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