“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Dark fang says:

    @ Sator, So I do have a question is sator your actual name or did you pick it based off of the mythical creature the sator who was most commonly used as a representation of a messenger/ guardian for the supernatural?

  2. ein wölfin says:

    Hallo allerseits, wie geht es euch allen heute?

  3. Sator says:

    Sator is not my real name. I based it on the magic square sator arepo tenet opera rotas. I actually have not heard of a creature called Sator. Do you satyr or ?

  4. Jäger says:

    Hallo Wolflin, ich bin gut, danke, dass du gefragt hast, ob du irgendwelche Fragen hast. Ich werde versuchen, sie so gut wie möglich zu beantworten 🙂 Deutsch ist übrigens nicht meine Muttersprache.

  5. Dark fang says:

    Sorry sator I accidentally confused myself with the two variations of the word satyr but I do like the name.

  6. Sator says:

    Thanks. I just chose the name on a whim because it sounds nice. If you or all on here want to discuss anything or ask me anything feel free to do so

  7. Dark fang says:

    I think I’m good I have a couple books of information I’ve made over the years I know most of my lure and facts but if anything comes up I’ll let you know

  8. Sator says:

    Sure no problem. I will ask you if I have any queries 😉

  9. Dark fang says:

    Cool I check the site a lot so I’ll get to you pretty quick

  10. Sator says:

    @Conor, What’s with the fullstop? What does it mean????!!!!! it’s so ominous

  11. noah says:

    i almost died it all ur fault for not coming I think ur stupid u failed to do what I wanted I went insane cuz of u I have a rare item its made by the Indians I think ur history is fake

  12. noah says:

    ur nothing to me I want proof ur real whe I see it I believe when I don’t I don’t believe

  13. noah says:

    ur nothing to me I want proof ur real when I see it I believe when I don’t I don’t believe

  14. noah says:

    I think in a real fight against me you will lose ill do ant thing to win a fight even if it means being one of ur kind oh yeah and people hunt nearby so watch out at night

  15. noah says:

    the one who almost did was who I live with she also said next time she burn me to the ground she is a jerk just like who I live with I’m usally a famous and a nice guy

  16. noah says:

    I don’t wanna live with them anymore I had enough

  17. noah says:

    the second isn’t here yet

  18. noah says:

    ill be waiting oh and u were late its not full anymore

  19. noah says:

    ill be waiting oh and u were late its not full anymore the moon is not

  20. NOAH says:


  21. Lupe says:

    I think I’ve lost interest in research on werewolves. Yes, I’ll always love a good werewolf novel or TV show, and I wouldn’t mind reading something educational or having academic discussion. I’ve just grown out of it and have found other things of interest. This doesn’t mean I won’t come on, I’ll still visit. I’m just not that interested anymore.

    @Noah: In the nicest way I can say it, you should chill. No one’s coming to your place because that’s odd. No one will fight you because it’s pointless and kinda immature. And before you spout about how wrong I am, no one needs to hear arguments. I deal with that habit myself, and I’ve been trying hard to work on it.. I get you might be dealing with things, and I sympathize. 🙁 but seriously man, y’all need to chill. I’m open to a mature discussion, but the conversation becomes stagnant when either party begins to grow hostile. In conclusion, I respectfully ask to at least consider the points I’ve made.

  22. @Lupe i have a ? for you,If ghost,angels, and demons exist why can only certain see them?

    • Lupe says:

      Whether it exists or not is outside of our ability to witness. It could be a collective imagination fueled by people who claim to witness the same. It could also be coincidence and certain unknown factors may apply. Whatever the case, I have no idea lol, I guess it really depends.

  23. Isabel says:

    I am one I am a werewolf they igsist. and I’m ony 10 so it’s hard for me ok

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