“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Dark fang says:

    @ moon fang all peoples eyes glow/glare when in contact with light and to add to that so do werewolves it doesn’t have a specific color thought most eye glares are green or reddish

  2. Kyrin says:

    Um people’s don’t cut they don’t have nocturnal vision. Only animals with that’s eyes reflect

  3. Dark fang says:

    Humans actually have semi nocturnal vision which is why if you were to take a picture in the dark you’ll get that red glare on your eyeball

  4. Conor says:

    Sator, you realise immortality is not possible, so all your doing here is stereotype ing…

  5. Moon Fang says:

    Guys I think I am become a werewolf!!!

  6. Lupe says:


    @Dark Fang: Truth tho

  7. Sator says:

    @Lupe, you would be correct on both counts. rebellious jinn or fallen angels are known to be able possess humans and are unseen to humans. Cases of djinn/fallen angel/demon possession are common in many countries, whether or not these reports are genuine is another matter, but they are known to be able to do such things. They are also able to possess objects and some types of djinn are able to manifest themselves on the physical plane. @Conor, when have I said djinn are immortal, According to historical arab/islamic scriptures (The only available sources on djinn and ghouls, I can give you the sources if you’d like) they are as mortal as humans, they can even be killed by physical means when they manifest themselves physically, they live just a lot longer and have supernatural powers like flight, and they will also be judged, just like humans, after they die and be cast into hell or heaven. Djinn can a sort of an arabic catch all term for supernatural beings that are not human, similar to the Japanese term Yokai, but rebellious djinn or “marid” are the fallen angel equivalent in the culture, and when people say jinn, they usually mean to say these ones. There are also pious or non rebellious djinn, they would be the equivalent to benevolent spirits or nature spirits in the western tradition but they are not angel equivalent. Onto ghouls. Ghouls are basically insane disfigured rebellious djinn, they are formed from either rebellious djinn that went insane after being cast out of heaven with Lucifer/Iblis/shaitan(most were fine but some became insane) or rebellious djinn that later tried to get back into heaven and got struck down onto earth(most die, some are fine, some go insane),every shooting star or meteors are allegedly rebellious djinn trying to enter heaven and being struck down back to earth, the surviving, disfigured, insane ones, turning into ghouls. To become a ghoul, you must first have been created/born as a jinn. And stating what the only sources on the jinn says is not stereotyping, stating that popular culture (TV shows,Movies,anime) is more accurate than historical sources is false as these works of fiction were inspired by those same original sources with a bit of added flair for entertainment.

  8. Lupe says:

    @Sator: Oof, but good haha! Interesting information.

  9. Sator says:

    @Conor, I am not saying you aren’t a ghoul, but if you don’t meet the criteria, you probably aren’t one. as Lupe said, It’s possible but unlikely that you are possessed by a ghoul. If one or both of your parents was a ghoul, you would still be a half or full marid, not a ghoul. Sorry, if what I said is offensive to you, and its also possible that the sources were wrong and you are a ghoul even if don’t meet the criteria…….

  10. Sator says:

    but it is very unlikely

  11. Sator says:

    Now, I’d like to ask a question of which I’d like everyone’s opinion
    Do you think werewolves could get coronavirus? There is research suggesting dogs don’t get it/get it less but no research on wolves , but. Can it be safely assumed that it is the same for wolves? and if so what about werewolves?

    • Moon Fang says:

      I am not sure but it might be true. Werewolves may not get coronavirus cuz wolves and dogs come from the same species of wolf which isnt the modern gray wolf.

  12. Sator says:

    Where did my comments go?

  13. Sator says:

    oh, they went missing for a while, they reappeared after I posted new, sorry.

  14. Lupe says:

    While @MoonFang has a good point, I’d interject with werewolves being human. Since werewolves would still be human in origin, it’s more likely for them to contract the coronavirus than otherwise. If not, the coronavirus can always mutate and adapt to werewolves.

  15. conor says:

    sator is right. Dark fang gave me an evaluation and im either a quarter breed or an elf.

  16. Sator says:

    @Lupe, @MoonFang very Interesting, what about werewolves were as resistant to coronavirus as dogs while in wolf form but be vulnerable to it in human form? Is a werewolf, truly microscopic physically( physically as in their cells and stuff idk, I forgot.all my basic biology) human while in their human form with the same sort of succeptability and truly biologically wolf-like in their wolf forms with the same sort of resistance? OR are werewolves the same biologically always and their susceptibility is unchanged as they shift?

  17. Sator says:

    @Conor, good that you realised that you’re not a ghoul as for what you actually are…..a quarter breed elf….this is beyond me…I decline to comment……
    Also, how do you change your the profile pic thing? yours seems different from last time.

  18. Lupe says:

    @Sator: Tl;dr – My short answer is no.

    My thoughts are based on a theory. Suppose a caterpillar and its butterfly form for example.. [https ://www .thena kedscientists. com/articles/questions/do-different-stages-butterfly-all-have-same-dna] In this website (take out the spaces), the author describes butterflies as having the same genes throughout its life. Supposing a werewolf p-shifted, based on what we know, werewolf genetics wouldn’t change. Here are other examples of metamorphosis:

    [https ://teara. govt. nz/en/diagram/5355/jellyfish-life-cycle] Jellyfish

    [https ://www. google. com/amp/s/learning-center.homesciencetools. com/article/life-cycle-frog/amp/] Frogs

    I had a theory once called “multi-metamorphosis.” I wouldn’t mind discussing it if you’re interested.

  19. Moon Fang says:

    Let me change the subject and say:I am a WERWOLF!!!!

  20. Lupe says:

    @Moon Fang: Nice.

  21. Lupe says:

    Eating a slab of steak XD I feel like the only one with weird eating habits when it comes to meat haha

  22. Moon Fang says:

    How do u make pack? Like i am an alpha and i have a friend that is a beta how does he get in my pack?

  23. Conor says:

    I got 2 emails sator

  24. Lupe says:

    @Moon Fang: This is very simple and it’s gonna blow your mind. :0

    He decides to join your pack. Mind blown lol

    From my experience, the way an Alpha allows people to join depends on the Alpha. Every Alpha is different, so I guess that’s left up to you.

    • Moon Fang says:

      Thanx for the advice but can u give an example because I have no idea

    • Lupe says:

      @Moon Fang: Oh, I’m sorry haha! Let’s use this specific example:

      Criteria to join:

      • 18+ years old
      • Can be Therians/Non-Therians
      • Etc.

      Rules for Pack:

      • Respect all members
      • No bullying
      • No faking/roleplaying identity
      • Etc.

      In this example, if the member meets these criteria and accept the rules, the Alpha will consider allowing them to join. Normally, there’s not some ritual or ceremony for them to join. It’s as simple as that.

      Good advice for packs just starting out, have a purpose for it. I find it’s easier to run a pack when you know what you’re actually doing. It doesn’t have to be some mission to save the planet, it can be as simple as: connecting people who experience similar things.

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