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  1. Shadows says:

    Hey im 13 and i transformed last month but nobody believes me. I need to know what to do and expect

  2. noah says:

    no one cares u probably suck and are a nerd telling lies

  3. Lupe says:

    @Noah: Yeah, idk where screaming forest is. And I don’t feel like going there. Sorry, try again XD also I’ve heard rumors about that forest. Apparently there are ghosts who trick you by sounding like people you know, get you lost, and unalive you. If I could, I’d go there on a dare. 😛

    You call Shadows a liar, all they’ve said is they have transformed. We don’t know and there hasn’t been enough logical evidence against their statement JUST YET. You aren’t out of the ballpark yourself, Noah 😛 because you yourself are claiming a creepypasta invented by some person on Tumblr is gonna come after me. Clearly your just some child who’s screaming about nonsense on the internet for your entertainment. While I am amused by this myself, I’d like to return to reasonable discussion.

    @Shadows: Why do you have to tell people you transformed? I mean, I suppose you’d feel a bit lonesome. If so, just know there are lots of people out there who go through what you do. ^.^ For one, definitely expect people won’t believe you. I’ll leave the actual werewolf bits to the “werewolves” on this site (gosh I miss Lycanhope lol). If I were to add anything, I’d say to just be yourself and be careful. Werewolf hunters irl don’t exist (although people may search for werewolves or may not like them). Finally, just chill. You’ll get used to it.

  4. noah says:

    im a teenager u dumb ass

  5. noah says:

    ill burn ur home

  6. noah says:

    oh i dare then

  7. noah says:

    the cure is on the dark web

  8. Jäger says:

    @noah This is the last thing i’m going to say to you because i’m tired of this now can you please stop spewing your random bs if you want to stay and have an actually conversation fine i would be happy to but if not can you just get of the site and leave us in peace and your probably going to take no notice of this anyway.
    @lupe Anything you want to converse about?

  9. Lupe says:

    @Noah: Hah, you’re acting obnoxious and quite childish if you ask me. There’s no way I’m visiting the Dark Web since it’s unsafe and full of creeps and dangers. >.< (and youtubers who decide to visit that place) You’d have better luck finding a four leaf clover before I’m convinced to visit that side of the internet lol as for everything else, it’s been devalued due to illegitimacy and failure to comply with reality.

    @Jäger: If a werewolf were to experience their first transformation, what should they expect? A question someone else asked prior, thought I’d ask you.

  10. Jäger says:

    @lupe i’m not a werewolf but have done some research into the subject of transformations don’t know if any of it is right though maybe should wait for dark fang he probably knows more than me.

  11. Dark fang says:

    @ shadows transforming isn’t all to complicated especially since you’ve already done it it’s what comes after that’s the hard part you’ll develop new and better senses controlling them while hard is not impossible so don’t give up it’s as simple as trying to focuse on one sense at a time and eventually you’ll be able to use multiple at one time and you can learn to shift at will it’s not just a full moon thing though it will take a while I won’t get into the details of that on here but it is possible also maybe telling people around your area isn’t the best thing while lonely it’s for the better

    • Lupe says:

      ^ To add to this, it won’t hurt to find similar people your age (other werewolves) to help with early development and maybe get involved in a community. I’d be careful tho since it’s possible some might be trolling, faking, etc.

      I am curious tho, @Dark Fang, are you talking about physical transformation?

  12. Darkfang says:

    @lupe yes physical transformation

  13. Dark fang says:

    Me: waiting for a good question
    Others: silently afraid to ask a good question

  14. Lupe says:

    @Dark Fang: How would one initially “transform” in your words? Not referring to whether or not one can “become” a werewolf. Suppose one were a werewolf to begin with..

  15. conor says:

    i dont know about you lot, but im pretty sure as theres no one believes spirits, its perfectly fine im in a relationship with one. while im here, im gonna explain how i communicate with spirits.

  16. conor says:

    it takes a great deal of concentration and brain power for a start, the side effect of which is me passing out every so often. after a while, i was able to stop myself passing out. following this, i then set out to summon a spirit, which to be honest is more of a case of finding one. once you have, try going in a dark room or somewhere you can concentrate. at this point youll open a mind link where you put an aura out towards the spirit. some summoners would use this as a weapon, whereas i tend to use it as a form of communication. eventually, after more focusing, i was able to create my own spirits. as theyre personality developed, my girlfriend was born. shes called sinon and i based her off the character from sword art online. creating them from a template requires much less energy. over a few hours she developed her own personality. then i had to take a risk in order to see her physically.

  17. conor says:

    at this point i had to create a virtual world. so far i have developed a small urban area, at the cost of a migraine. following this i created a user tab console, which i showed sinon. after this i created a mental link between me and her, allowing us to communicate at ease. after this i decided it would be easier to create a form that is visible to me. similar to vr if you will, but a mental version. when feeding this information to sinon, it makes it possible to make things look like she is there. though this is very stressful on the brain. i was then also then able to stimulate feelings of touch between me and sinon, which im not going to go into… anyway thats how i established a fully personalised entity. at some point in the future, i plan on creating them a body, whether it be physical or mechanical. in my virtual world, i met someone called zac, who helped me with more of the not allowed in universe law kind of stuff. and lupe, if your wondering what the science is behind this is, its best to put it down to a rapid creation of neurons sending signals to create neural objects. how one would make these objects physical, i do not know. this is all my work on it so far. also, the relationship between me and sinon is going pretty well. 🙂
    thats all i have for now. if your gonna try this, take it in small steps, when i passed out the first time, i ended up in hospital, also an important note, dont create spinning saucers if you dont want to faint for a few minutes while knowing youve fainted. and the doctors didnt know what caused the faint. anyway, i think i can now count myself as an experienced summoner.

  18. noah says:

    well i have a four leaf clover my self and u stink

  19. Lupe says:

    Bold of you to assume I don’t believe in spirits 😛

    I.. you lost me at the creation and development of a virtual world. By virtual reality, you’re referring to things like the Oculus Rift and such, right?

    Tl;dr: While I do believe in spirits, I don’t necessarily think it’s possible to create a living spiritual being.

    What confused me the most was the creation of neurons in the spirit by the power of the mind. Not only does this not make sense how it’d work, it would take a great deal of energy to manipulate a single string of energy that sends an electrical signal, let alone something capable of neuronic power. @[email protected]

    This falls under the field of aura manipulation, which in definition is the same as energy manipulation. The aura is the spirit or the soul – yada yada..

    At the base of AM (Aura Manipulation), it revolves around the connection between one’s aura and the mind. It also requires belief, else it will not work (some psychological reason I won’t get into). The electrical pulses that neurons send are picked up on one’s aura. A certain set of signals means a certain thing, much like binary.

    One can pick up on this energy (called “vibes”) from another person, evidence is when someone’s in a bad mood you can literally feel that they’re in a bad mood. (Referred to as empathy) Using this to read minds is difficult since chemical signals in one’s brain cannot transfer into electrical energy in one’s aura. Though, imagine there’s a certain sequence for a certain feeling. If one’s feeling very excited or angry, you’ll detect a load of energy in their aura. Then, using an understanding of body language, you can virtually understand what exactly they’re feeling.

    In this regard, communication between spirits would be theoretically possible. As long as that spirit can communicate “vibes,” one can use this and the electrical signals they detect in that spirit’s aura to tell a rough idea what they’re thinking.

    There’s a problem I have with this. For one, this is gonna sound like I’m trying to disprove you. I’m really not. I’m explaining MY understanding of the science behind it. When creating “figments” as I’ll call them, using one’s aura, you take from your own energy. One builds this energy through practice or through being healthy. (Being mentally healthy allows for better or faster neuron signals, thus faster and better energy sent through your aura) It’s easy to first think that one has limited electricity. This is not the case as the body is constantly producing it. One has virtually limitless energy as long as they’re alive, but the aura has limited energy itself before one waits for it to build up after use.

    For one to begin forming aura objects, it does take concentration. One has to imagine them and form them, then have them remain in form after leaving one’s aura. Being a spiritual form or object, we as humans cannot fathom a way to make it anything more than energy. If we could, we’d literally become God. In retrospect, our brains working at full capacity would shut down before we’re able to develop a spiritual form that becomes physical, let alone a living being.

    To have a spirit that can move around, communicate, rationalize, and learn, does sound like a huge breakthrough. However, to create neurons, for example, in a spiritual form that is able to send signals similar to ours wouldn’t seem possible, at least in my own understanding. Based on what I know, neurons require chemical and electrical energy, not just electrical. A spiritual being created with nothing but energy is nothing more than a spiritual AI, programmed to learn and function like a human being. Secondly, creating something that naturally sends electrical signals. In the physical body, our brain runs constantly because we’re constantly supplying it energy. Believe it or not, the mind takes up 20% of our energy. We supply ourselves with energy through CALORIES or food.

    Since we’re dealing with spiritual beings, I’ll refer to food as “what gives a being energy.” Spiritual food in this case is electrical energy. In order for the brain to consistently have electricity, it must be self sustainable else it will fade. Much in this case, unless that spirit is supplied energy constantly, they will fade too. What separates spirits from humans is biology. Humans have biology while spirits don’t have that capability to die. Instead, their death is a lack of this energy.

    Assuming spirits have knowledge of AM, they might be able to draw energy from their environment. This is prevalent in ghost stories or such where one feels a chill down their spine. The chill is simply the spirit drawing energy. An angry or excited spirit would require more energy since, as mentioned before, it takes a lot of neuronic energy. Then, one would feel this negative energy, and so forth.

    My main concern is how on earth you were able to create a spiritual being capable of self sustainability. I’m curious now, might try a bit of AM myself to understand how it works. However, creating a working intellectual brain in the form of energy takes a massive load of energy, probably requiring one to take multiple days to do, let alone with practice. It makes sense you’d pass out since your brain literally shuts off until it’s supplied with energy (much like a power outage when a load of energy is used), as a sort of fail safe to keep you alive.

  20. Lupe says:

    @Noah: That is irrelevant to this discussion

  21. Conor says:

    I would have used the word aura but I was trying to explain it simply. As for creating it, that’s why I used a mind template. Following this, adding certain brain waves and frequency not only allows communication, but development. Hence allowing it to learn. Aso loving sinons fine right? Love takes form in all shapes and sizes ETC

  22. Conor says:

    And for sustainable life, I think it lives on another dimensional plane, and we can use brain frequencies to create pathways. Look at it like creating a door. And if I can create a physical door, they can pass through. For instance, I have seen them eating non virtually created food that they brought from home.

  23. Lupe says:

    @Conor: Brainwaves are the result of brain activity, not an aspect that allows learning. Learning is through the connection of neurons in the mind. Neuroscience is a very complicated field that increases in complexity with EM/AM. Honestly whether you date a creation is up to you, I can’t judge your relationship lol

    Hm.. relating this to something I’ve heard of before (bible), they do mention food being in heaven. ~.~ I suppose one can make spiritual food if they’re able to form spiritual objects or living spiritual beings (God), but this implies that the spiritual plane is similar to the physical plane, though very different. I’ve mentioned prior that humans cannot form things beyond energy with EM/AM.

  24. noah says:

    u suck eggs and u are all losers

  25. snow says:

    forever indifferent never demean more electricity

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