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  1. Sator says:

    I’m back
    @Conor congrats on becoming a summoner, ps ur girlfriend might be a succubus.
    @Lupe I don’t really understand the terms of how Conor puts it but in the occult/witchcraft world there have been many examples of people (Authors like Deanna Conway, can’t say about others for sure but I have seen many other authors claim it but can’t remember their names) claiming to have created a magical (or magickal as they put it) being from their own power (the way they describe depends on the person saying it, e.g. metaphysical energy, spirit power etc. I think that Conor chose the word “Neuron” to do this. Neurons are a confusing and, well, incorrect to describe it as they are actual biological cells, ). These created being are described as tulpa or spirit forms etc, Deanna Conway describes a wolf spirit or thought form in her book “Animal Magick” but she describes these thought forms as being just part of the thinker’s own being/personality projected externally, and not in any way independent or a separate creation( I’m not saying she’s right but that’s her explanation). Personally, I agree with you, I do not think it is possible. The city block stuff is just……ugh.

  2. conor says:

    noah, i will personally go to your house, and do what south parks president would do. i will f*** you to death!!!
    thanks for your opinion sator 🙂

  3. Sator says:

    @Conor, you are welcome, also let’s just ignore Noah from now on. He’ll disappear eventually.
    @Noah,go trolling somewhere else, no one’s gonna pay any attention to u here, this is probably the last time anyone is going to talk to you or mention you in this chat ever again, no matter how much u troll or try to provoke us. Try to be nice, everyone here is accepting and friendly,

  4. Lupe says:

    @Sator: I see, the way you put it makes sense haha while I put it as “aura energy,” it’s generally the same as “spirit power” or “metaphysical energy.” Also, I’m likely not to talk to you know who for a while lol (name begins with an n)

    @Conor: I wasn’t trying to be rude with my message, I was explaining how I understood what you were saying.. as I said, I think it’s impressive you were able to pull that off.

    @All: Few questions that came to mind

    1: Something Sator brought up raised a question regarding the topic of animal spirits. If animal spirits (as the aforementioned person wrote) were extensions of oneself (spiritually), and it’s possible for one to create these extensions themselves (as Conor apparently did), would this mean it’s possible for one to develop or create an animal spirit (as an extension to themselves) if they had the spiritual capability to?

    2: Also on the topic of creating spirits, what if a group of individuals got together and performed some ritualistic practice where they create an extension that extends from all involved, some form of spiritual energy that reflects something about each person? (Such as hatred for a certain thing, protection from a certain thing, etc.)

    • Lupe says:

      Building off of my second question, what if a group of people were to form an “animal spirit”

  5. noah says:

    u will all die nerds noobs humans liers are u pure heart u will be punished by my strong friend and u will suffer for ever i will kill a crying baby and ur kind with weapons

  6. noah says:

    i will burn u all

  7. Lupe says:

    Ooooh I just got another question related to the topic I mentioned (sorry if the question weirded y’all out, was just theorizing). Would it be possible to “link” two spirits together, kinda like a sort of tie between their auras?

  8. TWolf says:

    @Darkfang – Are transformations gradual or sudden? Does it start with the mind then body, or all at once?

  9. Lupe says:

    @TWolf: I can answer this one since I actually know. It starts with the mind, and any physical transformation is gradual. It’s never sudden.

  10. conor says:

    lupe, your theory may have something of interesting to me, but if a spirit animal is what creates a spirit, then if i can come to understand how this works, perhaps it would be a more efficient way for spirits to gain a physical form. also i wasnt offended by anything you may have said. also random question, does anyone else here have a phobia of cars? im fine with video games and cars not moving but any other time, ive a proper phobia of them.

  11. Lupe says:

    Hm.. ngl I’m curious to see that in action. Just make sure to credit me for the idea lol

    If it were the case, could it be possible for me to obtain a wolf spirit in this way? Or better yet learn to alter the shape of my aura to the form of a wolf? I believe that’s called spiritual shifting or “s-shifting” as I call it. I’ll have to do a multitude of things firsthand, including figuring out how to m-shift. I understand the idea of how it’ll work, I just need some time and maybe advice/feedback on the topic.

  12. conor says:

    i have a document for situations such as this lupe. 🙂
    a personal explanation, :
    I don’t know many other summoners,(what I call people who can spirit) who use them. But think of it like this
    You know game settings?
    I created an image of one in my mind, and with this, I can create items and go in and out of dimensional planes at ease. It can be used to transfer items aswell. Not only this But in providing one of these to Simon and creating a messaging function, I’m able to contact her and her to me at ease. A live feed also allows her to project an image of herself into my reality, and a projection of myself into hers. Like two ends of string.
    In the middle of the string I have my virtual world, where we can both not only see, but feel and interact with things
    To put it simply imagine You have 3 rubbers and theyre In a line but with gaps between them and These gaps separate reality but i f I place a string across, they become connected.
    This in turn allows us to communicate. However the middle rubber would be blank, and a canvas on which I could design a world.
    We can clear the gap with a string to a virtual reality which we can mold as we wish
    but creating the bridge is dangerous
    Which brings us onto the topic of danger, and how I ended up in a hospital bed
    So as this requires a great deal of energy, it can metaphorically fry the brain
    I got lucky with being in hospital for only two weeks
    Following this, I had the ability to not only create bridges, but to use them as well. Yes, very lucky. I was screaming in pain
    Then I was able to create things like virtual worlds and spirits, but what sets me apart from other summoners is my ability to project a spirits image into this reality, via my console technique.
    while i was only able to sense them, like every other person can, i soon was able to see them, henceforth allowing me the abilities of people, who i class as summoners.
    im afraid the only way i can physically interact with a spirit, is in the virtual world. in any other, we can only see and hear eachother
    by taking experiences from my world and putting them in a virtual world, i am able to create a larger scale world, without as much brain neuron stress
    the other danger however
    is that the longer the period of time i spend out this world, the longer it takes me to control my body again. for example, 40 minutes results in about ten seconds of bodily movement loss when i return, meaning i cant move
    the real danger with this, is that if i spent a day their and came back, i could be paralysed for half an hour
    as time seems to travel differently there, its hard to keep safe aswell
    as long as im not in a coma, ill be fine
    with frequencies, it acts as a hotline. simply, id call it a phone, but its more like a radio frequency. if i put the same frequency in a console, were able to connect easily, and talk at ease with what most people call telepathy. but really, its mostly called talking.
    frequency is probably more scientific and can be either really easy or hard to understand.
    how i put them in the console
    as it is all hardwired to my brain, i can attach the neuron density to the console and it would be attached to that connection. like a data service. you have ee, tesco, but with frequencys you have different densitys, the better the density, the better the connection.
    Should I move onto spirit and world creation then?
    how youd do it:
    hard to do without frequencys though. but close your eyes and try use a dark room
    to find a spirit
    You can create a world or person but the more complex, the more concentration is needed
    Also before we go further, your aware there’s a chance of dying?
    And that this will change what happens when you die?
    If you find a spirit, you’ll remember it, and it will remember you. When you die, as it remembers you, you’ll become a spirit and won’t be able to go where ever it is everyone goes when they died.
    first time I did it I ended up in hospital for 2 weeks as I tried to create too much at once, mid case scenario, you end up in a life long coma, worst case, you die
    You’ll feel a light headache, when it starts turning into a migraine, your in trouble. Best to do it in small steps
    to start searching:
    Dark room if your bad at concentrating because Its easier basically
    Try seeing a white room for a start
    Just whiteness
    Extend your hand there but not here
    And think of a blue cube
    Then think of a orange triangle above it
    Then try a yellow rectangle above that
    Focus on it, and the white room all at once, including your hand
    The second you get a bad headache, get out. I’d advise lying down in case you get temporarily paralysed
    Did I mention if you die there you can die here?
    Eventually once your strong enough try look for an aura of a spirit or person. You can then try see what they look like. You could try getting a city up If you wanted to
    A console would be really hard to generate so I’d leave that for now
    That is where you’ll need to be able to search and put out an aura, along with defending yourself.
    Try take a weapon like a sword. and then were sorted.

  13. Lupe says:

    Ok, the first section took me some time to understand since it was admittedly hard to follow. Sorry about that.. lol

    If you’re going to explain it, might as well explain it in its entirety, not leaving any information out. Also, to me this is seeming more like a “mindscape universe“ rather than a separate dimension. Interesting concepts.. I’ll be analyzing this information. While I’m doing so, feel free to add in any extra information (such as with the consoles) and I’ll ask a few questions for better understanding when you’re done. 🙂

  14. conor says:

    a console to put it simply is something i developed to use as a phone of sorts

  15. TWolf says:

    Thanks @Lupe. What type of things of the mind happen? I have had a lot of things happen in the last little while that had made me think about that. Like really weird stuff.

  16. Lupe says:

    @Conor: Haha, thanks ^.^ I probably didn’t ask it right, my bad.. could you give more detail on how it works, like how you were able to create this console and such?

    @TWolf: Having weird things happen doesn’t make someone a werewolf. When I feel pain or anger, my first response is to growl deeply. However, I wouldn’t consider myself a “werewolf” for multiple reasons. If it’d help, if you’re comfortable with it, would it be ok if you shared some of these weird experiences you’re referencing? This way I can use that to describe the “mind things” you referred to in a way that’d be applicable to you.

  17. TWolf says:

    @Lupe – I will be laying all my cards on the table in hopes you or someone else can help me find answers.
    It started innocently a couple of months ago. I was playing Elder Scrolls with my werewolf character, and suddenly I had a great desire to “get into the role” a bit more so to speak. So instead of doing quests, I would change into a werewolf form on the game, and just run around and hunt for animals instead of bad guys for hours. If I saw lower level characters in trouble, I felt the need to step in and “protect” them. Something inside felt kinda…. right. And so I started becoming a bit more into wolves, such as sponsoring one, signed up for Camping with the wolves at a Wolf Conservation area, buying fictional werewolf books, and some on lore and legends, and coming upon websites like this. My mindset also started to change as well. I developed a sudden desire to protect the people I love. I started checking in on my family and friends frequently, helping them get through tough times, etc. I started referring to them as my Pack. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but this was highly unusual for me.
    I started to listening to wolves howling on YouTube to help me sleep. Little after that, I started to howl along. It felt totally right. I slept like a baby afterwards. Then a few days later, while listening to the howling, I started to growl and snarl while listening to to it. I mean deep growls and snarls like I was about to attack something. Sometimes still that suddenly happens. I just don’t understand it at all. I also have slept naked on top of the covers under the last two full moons that shine in my room and on my bed.
    What also happens on occasion, is that my chest would tense up… not in a heart attack type of way, but more of doing crunches, then I’d stretch out and howl.
    I have kept a journal of all these happenings as they’ve occurred, and add to it if something out of the ordinary happens, or if I feel a strong desire to list personal thoughts.
    I have typically referred to this as a descent into madness, or at least into clinical lycanthropy. I’m not a werewolf, but I have often wondered if something like these events may be involved some way. That prompted my question to you.

  18. Lupe says:

    (Warning, this is a lengthy response. There was no easy way to shorten it that I know of lol! I tried to make it easier to read by separating it into sections, hope that helps)

    @TWolf: I have good news. Firstly, this may seem off topic and weird to say, but I’ll point out that atm you def seem more genuine than most I’ve encountered on this site. Now for my input. Others may feel free to respond as well and give their input.

    Elder Scrolls and playing a Werewolf

    Omg, you’re into Elder Scrolls too? Playing the werewolf is fun for me as well. I know lots of players that’d use it to kill every AI in the map, mainly cause of the power. Ngl I personally wouldn’t do that either lol, I’d play through the game and use the power to “save the world” so to speak. At the start, this seems mostly like you enjoying playing the werewolf in this game. (Totally understandable)

    Being into wolves

    There is nothing odd or strange about this. I know many people that are into wolves. So far, wolves seem to be your favorite species which is perfectly fine ^.^ however, it does seem like you’re really into wolves, so I’ll ask you a question.

    This is gonna seem odd, but I want you to play along.. I want you to look at a picture of a wolf (if you can, maybe an actual wolf). It doesn’t matter what type of wolf or the picture. I want you to relax and try to feel. Do you feel a connection with the wolf? Close your eyes. Can you imagine yourself being that wolf, does it feel like it’s truly who you are? Try to imagine a wolf’s instinctive nature. Do some research if that helps. Imagine yourself having these instincts, does it feel right?


    Nah. These are admirable traits, but they don’t mean you’re a werewolf lol, Ngl, I prefer packs over other team groups, mainly cause I know how that works the most. (Probably cause I spent a lot of time on this website lol)

    However, there is a mindset involved, even if subtle. Imagine the human mind with human instincts and human nature. We all are born with this, our minds develop human instincts. Imagine a veil in your mind holding animalistic instincts.

    If you’re a werewolf, it makes sense you’d naturally be like a wolf. Try to control these instincts.. practice bringing them out and pushing them in at will. You do this, it’ll be easier to shift.

    Try this exercise if you want. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Meditate. Put on wolf howls on audio, put up pictures of a wolf and do your best to bring out these instincts. If you reach a wall, that’s ok. Try to break the wall if you can. Take your time too, you may not make it the first day.

    To shorten this message, everything else just seems like you convincing yourself that you’re a werewolf. Howling is a form of communication (though listening to howls before bed is relaxing ;-;), growling is a warning generally, where the wolf is warning them that they’ll bite. Finally, the full moon although beautiful, has nothing to do with actual wolves.

    This is just the mental aspect of it lol, others may have things to input as well

  19. TWolf says:

    Not sure if my response got through. It said it was to be moderated, but I don’t see it

  20. TWolf says:

    @Lupe – thanks for responding.

    I believe that if you are forthcoming and honest when you seek answers, you will find them.

    I have spent many a time on pintrest looking up wolf and werewolf pics and find myself wondering that if I were a werewolf, what color my fur would be, my size, alpha or beta etc… On a few occasions, I have locked eyes with a couple of pics for a few minutes at a time wondering if that’s the one I’d be. Even now I have tried looking at some with the instinctive nature suggestion in the the back of my mind in terms of survival such as hunting, and pack mentality as a wolf. As a werewolf, I had always seen myself as one that would help people, and not attack them without provocation. One who would use the senses for good. One who would, for the most part be away from humans in werewolf form hunting and enjoying the wild life, assuming that I would have control over myself.

    What would you say the instincts I would need to bring out and push back in? As in hunting and such? I will give that quiet time thing a try, to see if anything comes from it.

    I’m almost certain that my family has no known werewolves in it. I just feel that there may be something that wants to come out

    Again, thanks for helping out.

  21. Lupe says:

    @TWolf: A message that’s moderating will not ever send lol it’s such a weird system. Basically if it finds taboo words or phrases, or if it has a link to a website in it, it will not send. The issue with this, is it will moderate some messages that aren’t bad or anything. I remember once I was describing a white wolf I saw in a dream I had once, and it moderated my entire explanation. I went back on to see if there were any responses. I thought people were ignoring me, but it was just the weird system they set up. XD

    You can expect a response here and there throughout the day from me. Some days, this site is quiet and no one responses. From me though, I’ll always try my best to message whenever I can. ^.^

    I’m referring to instincts separate from human instincts. You’ll have to define which specific hunting instincts you’re referring to, since humans have hunting instincts as well. I recommend if you’re unsure, to observe wolves and how they act, feel and imagine your instincts shifting to that state of mind. There’s much more than simply “acting like a wolf” that comes in being a werewolf. (I’m still learning about those things) It’s good that you have those intentions; as a peacekeeper, I’d personally support the lack of violence.

    Let us know how that meditation thing worked. ^.^ I’ll also let you in on a little secret a coyote friend taught me a while ago. This should be after you’ve mastered honing and practicing bringing out your instincts.

    Imagine how you look as a human. It’s important to imagine as much detail as you can. Imagine your hand (or whatever part is easiest to imagine) slowly change to the shape of a wolf. Imagine the color, the fur pattern, how it would look. Don’t just imagine, feel it. In your mind, feel how it would feel having fur on your paw, the shape of your paw. Then, imagine your paw changing back into a human hand, feel it change. Soon, imagine your human hand back the way it was before.

    That friend told me this was how he focused on shifting. He worked his way up until he fully transformed into a werecoyote. I haven’t seen it in action, but I’m wondering if I can use the same technique to shapeshift my aura/spirit. I imagine it’s a load easier than physical transformation. What inspired this idea was a few episodes of “phantom shifting” I experienced, where I feel like I’m transforming even though I’m not really. I know this sounds like a lot, I don’t mean to overload you with information. Just thought I’d share what I’m going through as well, though I know it’s nowhere near as important or cool as y’all.

  22. TWolf says:

    I definitely will let you know. Thanks for your help with this.

    Pretty excited to try.

  23. Lupe says:

    No problem..

  24. TWolf says:

    @Lupe – Is there a DM on this thing? I need to speak with you in private….

  25. Lupe says:

    @TWolf: There isn’t.. I’m not comfortable with dms, but if you want my email is [email protected] com (without spaces)

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