Giant Anaconda Snake Eats Man

It’s hard to believe that anyone would be eaten willingly, but there is actually someone that wanted to be the first to be eaten alive by a snake!! And he was going to do it on TV!

It was promoted as a stunt by the Discovery Channel – an American man named Paul Rosolie said that he would be Eaten Alive by a giant anaconda so that he could report what the experience was like. He would wear cameras and a mic while he was being eaten, and once he was done being swallowed, he would be extracted from the belly of the snake without hurting either himself or the snake!!

Discovery Channel was going to – and DID – air the whole stunt in a two hour special, however to the relief and disappointment of fans, Rosolie backed out at the last minute.

He went so far as to go to South America and find a giant 20 foot anaconda snake that was large enough to devour him whole. He then geared himself up with a protective black armored suit which he claimed would keep himself from being crushed. Once dressed in his special attire, he doused himself in pig’s blood to make himself attractive to the snake. Then he tempted the snake, teasing him and playing with him until the giant snake wrapped itself around Rosolie in a natural attempt to crush and eat him alive.

Unsurprisingly, Rosolie paniced once he was being crushed.

“I can’t feel my arms. She’s squeezing hard!”

When the snake tried to swallow his head, his video and microphone feed capture nothing but a confused mess of images and his harsh breathing. In panic, he started yelling at his crew that he was being crushed. He says he felt his suit cracking and he feared his arms would be ripped out of his body.

Finally, much to everyone’s relief, the would-be snake food, called to his crew, begging them to extract him from the jaws of the snake. He decided he did not want to be snake food after all.

After the Discovery Channel Stunt, Rosolie was promoting the event and said that all he remembered at the end before he was pulled out was the snake’s mouth opening wide and everything going black.

Thankfully, Rosolie has not become snake food…but the giant snake did lose out on a tasty meal.

The Discovery Show aired last month.

Watch the man get eaten by a snake here:



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