gift ideas for a werewolf

christmas gift idea for werewolfChristmas is almost here! Still don’t know what you’re going to give as a present? Here are some Christmas gift ideas to give a werewolf!

1. journal – Werewolves are very often unable to share their innermost struggles, thoughts and emotions with others. A journal or diary can be the perfect outlet to express themselves and makes a great gift!

2. binoculars – Werewolves spend alot of time outdoors and enjoy being outside even when they’re not in werewolf form. Binoculars are a great gift that they can use when they’re out on an adventure.

3. noise canceling headphones – Many werewolves can find the sounds of urban life distracting and disheartening. Give your werewolf the gift of solititude! Noise canceling headphones are a great way to escape the hustle, bustle, and noise that can come with living in a city environment.

4. sunglasses – Werewolves are creatures of the night. No, they do not fear sunlight like vampires do, but still, they are at optimum under cover of darkness…so why not give them a present for the daytime? Sunglasses are a great optioN!

5. piece of art – a well chosen piece of art (that you buy or create yourself) can be a great gift for a werewolf. Art can help you escape into someplace peaceful, it can soothe the mind and calm the soul. Choose something with a nature scene to get these types of emotions – a brook running through a woods, a picture of a night sky filled with stars, or a picture of a solitary tree on a hilltop are a few ideas. 🙂

6. eye mask – Great idea for an urban werewolf girl – an eye mask can be used to great effect to escape from the world!

7. music – Music can be the key to many things – it can help with emotional and physical struggles, it can calm, it can excite, it can make you sad or happy. Choose something that relays the message you want to send.

8. book on meditation / book on languages – Any book in general is a good gift as many werewolves are constantly striving for answers and information. Books on meditation are great in that they can especially help newer werewolves with their struggles. Books on languages are great as werewolves often find themselves meeting people from across the world.

9. puzzle – This is a highly overlooked gift and one that not many think of, but a good jigsaw puzzle is incredibly relaxing and can improve focus and help still the mind, two things that newer werewolves especially are often focusing on.

10. star gazing equipment – Another great gift idea for the outdoors-loving werewolf is anything related to star-gazing. A werewolf in the city especially will appreciate this thoughtful idea.



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  1. These are actually cool and quirky gift ideas. Thank you for sharing. I would look for gifts similar to what you suggested.

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