Goats in Trees

Yes, I literally mean goats in trees! Goats in trees exist!? Goats can climb trees? Yes they can!! One of my favorite things is to find things that people just would never believe really exist – because when they see that something they never dreamed was possible actually is possible, their minds open up to new things.

In places like Morocco, where there is a type of tree with a thorny trunk called the Agran Tree, goats climb the trees! They hop up the trunk and into the upper branches of the Agran tree until they reach the very top (yes, VERY TOP!) reaches of the tree. Their hooves balance one in front of another on the narrow branches and they give no hint that they might or think they ever could possibly fall. Supposedly the reason they climb is because they are searching for food which is generally hard to come by for wild goats in this part of the world. Have you ever seen a goat with his four legs balancing him on a little limb in the top of a tree? Neither have I, but it’s real. Makes you wonder what else could be real, doesn’t it? 😉

So for anyone that doesn’t think that there can be goats in trees, think again. Watch it here and believe it or not!



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