Greek Mythology

Ancient Greek Mythology

Damarchus, an Arcadian Olympian Boxer was said to be transformed into a wolf after making a sacrifice to a God on Mount Lycaeus. The Greek God Zeus’ sanctuary during the Lycaea festival and throughout the year was located on the ancient mountain.

The story or mythology is told that if after being transformed into a wolf if the human can resist the temptation to feed on human flesh that after nine years of resisting he will be turned back into human form.

(Interesting? Read about another supposed myth, the myth of the Kraken!)

I wonder why nine years was the amount of time that it took to forgive the sacrifice? I also think it is very interesting that Greek mythology includes some sort of wolf transformation. In this case of transforming it was meant to be a punishment from the Gods, to the person who needs punishment. This crime and punishment to the “wrongdoer” was subject to the rule of the Gods. His temptation while being a wolf is implied to be human flesh, so his punishment would be to resist the ultimate temptation of the wolf and prove to the Greek Gods that you can do it. Why was the temptation human flesh?



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  1. Human flesh was the sacrifice, it could be possible that he reveled in the sacrifice and becoming the wolf gave him more of a desire to seek that which gave him that thrill, in turn it could also give him the chance to feed so it is lie a double edged sword. Of course this is all speculation based on small amounts of hints and clues but it clearly stated he made a sacrifice.

  2. You are right, he had to give flesh… a HUGE sacrifice! The myth is a little unclear though, you are right again, its from accounts from people who heard or know about the story from others…etc…

  3. Aconissa says:

    Ive heard of another greek werewolf legend, about a man named Lycoan. He was the king of Arcadia, and when the gods visited him, he (apparently) served them his son, cooked. They were so furious they cursed him to become a wolf. His name is similar to Lycanthropy, too, because his name means wolf.

  4. Navy says:

    simple solution to the cravings: hamburgers. sorry. had to lighten the mood

  5. werewolf10 says:

    yall need to no what a werewolf is before you tell people about them i mean these are stupid replies

  1. September 11, 2011

    […] or “wild dog” by the Ancient Babylonians and Therion or “beast” by a Greek astronomer. Because of where it is positioned so close to Constellation Centaurus, it is sometimes […]

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