Two halves completely different.  Wolf and human.  But humans have known for a very long time.  Humans have been drawing werewolves for thousands of years.

If you’re not familiar with ancient Egyptian art, take another look.  The egyptians had a strong belief in half man half animal creatures.  Alot of their gods are depicted as being human from the neck down, and animal from the neck up.  Anubis, the half man half jackal egyptian god of death is one very good example of this.  A possible precursor to the modern day werewolf?  An ancient ancestor to werewolves?

In 2001 rock expert Paul Taçon of the Australian Museum in Sydney worked with a member of Cambridge University’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to research and survey rock art from Europe, South Africa, and Australia.  What they found is astounding.  The results of their study showed that the existence of half human half other creature artwork has been prevalent worldwide since “the dawn of humanity”.  In other words, it seems that werewolves have been around just as long as humans, perhaps longer.  In fact, the oldest half man statue found was over 32,000 years old.

Although not many of the rock art depictions resembled the modern day werewolves that humans know today,  in the much less advanced times thousands of years ago when these were drawn, showing a half man half beast-headed creature was likely the only way they could clearly draw a creature such as a werewolf.   The images were clearly therianthropes, meaning they were half man half beast, not just wolf.   In other words, it was not just half man half wolf creatures that were found.  Which points to the possible existence of many types of were creatures, aside from the werewolf.  Regardless of what you believe or don’t believe, one thing cannot be disputed:  the study clearly indicates that half man half animal creatures were common in the distant past.

Humans wanting to get a better understanding into their history must open themselves up to the fact that their ancestors clearly believed in therianthropes.  Werewolves as well can learn a great deal about their origins from studies such as these that humans unknowingly unearth.