Half Werewolf

The half werewolf is  a being that is half werewolf and half some other type of  creature.  Half werewolves are a pretty rare occurrence, though do exist.  The two most common forms of the half werewolf include the half werewolf – half human and the werepire.

The half werewolf – half human is the result of a birth, and not of an infection.  They are the result of a union between a full werewolf and a full human.  The resulting child would only be considered half of each species.  They would have some of the senses of the werewolf, but likely in a diluted / weakened state.  They would appear much more human than a full werewolf, and would have little problem resisting the urge to transform.  Many half-werewolf half-humans live their whole lives not knowing the truth about who they really are.  They feel different, but never have any kind of explanation for what they feel.   Their lifepsan is typical to that of a human, though most tend to live at the very longest end of the human lifespan. Most tend to keep a fairly youthful appearance their whole lives.

Werepire:  Another of the half werewolf subspecies is the werepire (alternate spelling includes werepyre).  Werepires are also sometimes  known as werevamps.  Werepires  are half werewolf – half vampire., and few exist in present day. The union between a werewolf and vampire is a very rare occurrence because of the different ways of life of the two species.  The chances of offspring from the vampire and werewolf union are just as, if not slightly more rare.  Many werepires spend much of their lives trying to fit in with one or the other of the groups, but are often rejected by both.

Other types of half werewolf: One of the rarest of all types of the half werewolf is the werewolf demon.  Similar to the vampire demon, the werewolf demon is a half demon hybrid that is considered extremely vicious and dangerous.  Werewolf demons are half werewolf and half demon.  They are not creatures that can be trusted and should be avoided at all costs.  They are extremely talented at disguising themselves, and can fool both werewolves and humans alike, however in their true forms they resemble humans only very slightly.



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87 Responses

  1. william says:

    Can anyone help me?

  2. Half werewolves are a rare occurrence they are weaker in werewolf form and stronger (than a human or werewolf in human form.)

    Werepyres are impossible. As the werewolf is not undead and the vampire would die or the child. A werewolf bite to a vampire would be deadly or vise versa.

    A ceremony (wear-ee-mun) is a possibility as neither of the two are undead. This is a VERY RARE occurrence as werewolves are holy and demons are NOT.

    Any other supernatural halfbreed is a 0

  3. william says:

    Hello?meep!? Does anyone know meep?

  4. ILYSA says:

    @william: William is it? What is it you need?

  5. herewego says:

    help i wanna becmome werewolf but im a child does work still plus really become werewolf no matter what

  6. jerome says:

    I am hybrid and I was born this way and I just dont know what too do anymore I just wanna be normal

  7. Hey my real friends and family are monsters and I love them all . My family has a long line of humans and werewolves my mom a human my dad is full werewolf my sister is named Hannah / anime name yuki and she is half werewolf human as much as I am and I’m 18 yrs old my body is throbbing a lot first time this happened help meWhat do I do

    • I have a friend who is a vampire.Most of my friends are vampires anyway, I love her anyway I have another friend who is a werewolf her name is Jacky
      Love them

  8. LegendLupe046 says:

    @Heaven Thompson wow it appears this strand of chat isn’t that effective, possibly due to a lack of people on when you need them. Lol! So you say you are half human, half Werewolf? Well if I might ask, how is that possible? I mean by all knowledge I know, Wolves have 78 Chromosomes and humans have 46. If there is a genetic mutation, no matter what you want to say, they will die. So being “bitten” is impossible, and a human becoming a Werewolf is genetically improbable. If a werewolf and a human mate, all that would come from it would be a half deformed creature that would die because of the difference in Chromosomes. However, there is also such thing as a therian wolf where one simply has the state of mind as a werewolf, and can m-shift, per say. Some therians believe if they try to get to the Wolf hard enough, then they will achieve p-shift. I’m currently attempting to see if that is accurate or not, but therian Wolves are much more likely to be able to mate with a human. There is also werewolves that can be caused via Spell, where one would be cursed to become a werewolf. As uncertain of how this is possible as I am, I know that works as well. So from all of this, I ask: how is it even possible that one be a human/Werewolf Hybrid and still live, if the genetic code and Chromosomes are so diverse and different?

  9. Gage says:

    Who ever rote this, message me on Instagram @weeb_boy14

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