Halloween Costume Werewolf Hair

If you’re trying to complete a costume for halloween, there is one item that you’ll need whether you have a homemade werewolf costume or a store-bought werewolf costume – werewolf hair!

If you’re wanting to be a more traditional (as far as Hollywood-standards) werewolf, you’re probably looking for hair to cover your face and body to complete your halloween look.  You’ll find that there are many different ideas on what you can do about werewolf hair, going from a full-headed werewolf mask that comes complete with the hair, to werewolf hair patches that you can adhere directly to your skin with spirit gum. Here are some werewolf hair ideas to complete your halloween costume:

Theatrical Hair – there are many different choices of theatrical hair, and they come in all sorts of different colors. Some, like the theatrical crepe hair in the picture to the side can come in a wool braid that you take apart and attach pieces of hair wherever you want with spirit gum. When used properly, this type of hair can create a pretty realistic looking effect.  Theatrical hair is not just used for werewolf costumes, but really can be used for anything that requires excess hair on the face or body.

Instant Werewolf Hair – There are some products out there targeted specifically for costumes for werewolves, and generally come in pre-made patches that you can apply for an “instant” werewolf effect.  The “Instant Werewolf Hair” in the picture below for example, gives you three self adhesive patches that adhere to your face (brow and sides of face), and are meant to be attached with spirit gum.

Werewolf Wigs – Instead of applying patches or hair to stick to your face, you can just opt for a wig that covers your head…a simple, quick effective approach. Most werewolf wigs tend to come in a brown color.  You’ll still need to make-up your face, as the wig, is just that – a wig.

Werewolf Mask – You can find a wide variety of werewolf masks that cover your whole head, and of course come with hair attached.  You’ll need minimal makeup and no extra hair pieces on your face for the full-headed werewolf mask.  See more werewolf mask choices! And don’t forget to add werewolf fangs to your halloween costume too!


theatrical hair

instant werewolf hair

instant werewolf hair

werewolf wig
werewolf wig
werewolf mask

werewolf mask



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