Halloween costumes

So what is a good costume for you this Halloween? Well, there are many choices out there! We do reccomend being a werewolf for your party, but of course you don’t have too since you are already a wolf. So you next best option? You could be one of the undead zombies? YOu might want to get out the old star wars costume, or even the Indiana Jones outfit.

The classic vampire and fangs will always be a hit, but you wont be the only human dressed as a vamp. What about getting a furry outfit? Like a big dog, or bunny? A scary bunny?!

Just be a werewolf!



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2 Responses

  1. Luna says:

    heres a web that can really make you look like a real werewolf!!!

  2. Luna says:

    it says vampire but it has werewolf stuff too

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