Im just wondering if you have any idea when the new Rob Zombie Halloween movie comes out, you know, unless you keep track of these things on a daily basis you may forget. Thats when they made the fool proof movie release countdown tool. Movies cant miss with a countdown, this thing is super easy to use. No searching to find out a release date for your favorite movie. In this case its Halloween, I wonder why more movies wouldn’t use this countdown, how hard can it be to make? I bet even Rob Zombie could make one himself is he tried, but really, I wouldn’t let him do that, he might mess it up. The new Halloween movie release date is for August 31st, or whenever the countdown runs out. The new Halloween trailer is out, Rob Zombie made the movie, Rob Zombie wrote Halloween, Rob Zombie is the director, this is Rob Zombies Halloween, its not your Halloween anymore, its Rob Zombies, your lucky Michael Myers is even in it, and that his weapon of choice is still a knife, what? you thought he made the new Halloween for you?