Hans Werewolf of Estonia linked to Men In Black

One of the most famous cases in the werewolf witch trials of the 1600s was that of a teenager named Hans in the year 1651.  Hans was accused of being both a witch and a werewolf.  He was brought before a court in Estonia for questioning as to whether or not he was a werewolf, and he replied that he had indeed been a werewolf for two years.

He was eighteen.

How Hans became a werewolf

But Hans’ capture and trial is only where the story starts.  Where it gets interesting is when he tells how he became a werewolf. In Hans’ confession, he claims that a “man in black” had given him the wolf body.  The courts at the time said that they believed the “man in black” was the devil….but maybe the man in black wasn’t a devil after all…

Men In Black

men in black
There actually is a widely held conspiracy theory about the man in black – or rather “Men In Black”.  For those of you familiar with the movie “Men in Black” starring Will Smith, you already have a general idea of what/who he is.  The Men in Black are linked closely with UFOs and aliens.  It is said that men wearing black suits and dark sunglasses often show up questioning people that have seen UFOs.  They claim to be government agents, although there is a widely held conspiracy theory that they actually are not government agents at all. Some believe that perhaps they are actually aliens themselves. It should be noted, that there are others who believe that they are actually some type of demon.

Was Hans the Werewolf telling the truth?

Well, if what Hans says is true, and Men in Black are linked somehow with werewolves, then there are three possibilities:

  1. If the Men in Black are demons, as they believed in the 1600s, then it could mean that werewolves were somehow cursed.
  2. If the Men in Black are aliens as many conspiracy theorists presently believe, then perhaps werewolves are experiments of aliens, or being monitored by aliens.
  3. If the Men in Black are government agents, then it may mean that werewolves were created by / are being monitored by a secret government organization.

Of course, there is also another possibility – the possibility that Hans was not actually turned into a wolf by a “Man in Black”. Could his story merely be lucky coincidence that a man in black actually exists?



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2 Responses

  1. Skullzhead says:

    I’d beleive it. The men in black theory has always intrigued me, and i wondered how all this supernatural stuff could be linked to the men, and possibly to aliens. A few years ago, (when i was about 12 years old) i put together a theory in my head that humans could possibly be the result of alien experimentation. I think that maaaybe, humans were designed to have similar biology like the animals on Earth, and have the ability to evolve quickly and be ‘intelligent’. I think that aliens are experimenting to make a perfect species in the universe, and we are one of the typically failing experiments, seeing as how we destroyed the planet we were assigned, and we have become enormously overpopulated. Also, we have managed to make a number of natural residents to this planet go extinct. O_0…. SORRY I ramble a lot. This is just my theory, not making any statements to people… Kinda… XD

  2. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @Skullzhead: the men in black must be some sort of gestapo.

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