american werewolf in london

american werewolf in london


Do you love werewolves? Do you turn into one? Do you know when they transform? Learn all About Me! Or even better Link To Me!

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3 Responses

  1. Fred says:

    Interesting drawing here, but not how the real American werewolf in London looks. This depiction is too wolf-like, whereas the werewolf in the movie was far more demonic, had a short, upturned almost foo foo-dog-like muzzle with giant outward-pointing fangs, hideously bright, glaring demonic eyes, a short, very ape-like body. Looking closely at the photos of the wolf-creature you see the human in the wolf…its face has a slight resemblance to the guy it was transformed from.
    This creature reminds me of a cross between a wolf, a gorilla and an ant-lion larva!! And I consider it to be the scariest werewolf ever conceived…add to that, in the movie, you only get short glimpses of it, they never show it for more than a second or so, which forces you to use your imagination…

    I love this movie, they could never improve on it doing a remake…

  2. j-bug says:

    hey it’s wonderful to c a blog about werwolves..
    cuz isnt very common 2 find some one who loves wolfs..
    cuz everyone like dat shit of vampires..
    well hope 2 find more people of wolf clan

  3. Mark says:

    Its villagers vs werewolves in a fight to the death …please come and play online on FB with us… … we are trying to get the game moving, ask your friends to play at the same time for extra mauling pleasure…

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