Have you seen a werewolf?

People that have seen werewolves often are unsure of how at first to describe the sighting….their reports typically are things like:

  • “something that looked similar to a very large dog”
  • “a large grayish brown beast”

And then there are some people that haven’t actually seen anything, and only report “strange howling sounds”.

Contrary to what people that don’t believe in werewolves think, in each of these cases, the first thing that pops into the person’s mind that made the sighting, is not “I just saw a werewolf!”  In fact, the person usually struggles with what they saw – trying to reconcile it with something they consider “normal”.  They’ll go through several stages, at first thinking things like “Well, I must just have seen a dog….it had to have been a dog…just a really really large one that learned how to walk…!”  They’ll do anything they can to avoid confronting the fact that they may have seen something that they don’t even believe exists.

But then someone will suggest that which they think is unbelievable – had they considered that they saw a werewolf?  The person’s reaction to this suggestion is denial.  Of course the thought had crossed through the back of their mind, but it is too against their belief to even dwell upon or mention aloud.  They’ll laugh.  Brush off the suggestion.  But meanwhile, the idea will seep into their everyday thoughts, and they’ll analyze the sighting from every angle, trying to conclude if a werewolf could have – might have – been what they saw.

have you seen a werewolfEventually some of these eye-witnesses might be willing to shrug off a lifetime of disbelief and conclude that they had indeed seen a werewolf. But for the vast majority of eyewitnesses, they will never be able to publicly voice and embrace that which they choose not to believe in. In the back of their minds however, there will always be an inkling of doubt.

If you ever have a sighting of something unknown, the first thing you should do is write down in as much detail as possible a description of what you have seen.  Put all the facts of the sighting down on paper in great detail.  After you have all the written details compiled, make a guess as to what it is you believe that you saw.  When you make your guess, it’s important to remember not to try to force the details of the sighting to be a specific animal.  If all the details point to something unbelievable, write that creature down as your guess.  When you have completed that task,  leave it alone for a day or two.  After a couple of days have passed, review the details of the sighting again along with what it is you think you saw.  Looking at it with a few days of distance, you’ll have a clearer mind filled with less emotion, and will be more inclined to look at your guess more impartially. Be sure to keep an open mind and be willing to believe anything no matter how improbable.  Does your initial guess (no matter how unlikely) seem accurate? Have you seen something unbelievable? Have you maybe even seen a werewolf?





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2 Responses

  1. D Wood says:

    I don’t believe I have ever seen one, not in beast form anyway. I do believe they are real. I used to have contact with one, but I think he died because he never replies to my emails anymore.

  2. J says:

    I have not, to my knowledge, but I hope as I get older I will get a chance to search more intensely for them. I believe they exist.

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