If you’re interested in making your own homemade werewolf halloween costume, there are plenty of ideas out there that will have you instantly recognized as a werewolf and do not cost alot of money to make.  Some are more obscure than others, and all give you a chance to use your creativity.  And the best part – most of the costumes can be made with things hanging around your house!  Here are some ideas to get you started….

1.  Teen Wolf Halloween Costume
teen wolf halloween costumeThis halloween costume is very easy to make.
What you need: 1. A yellow basketball jersey. 2. Iron on computer transfer paper to make words. 3. Fur 4. Basketball socks and sneakers. 5. A basketball 5. Yellow headband 6. Skin colored leggings and shirt (optional). 7. Brown colored makeup for your face.

  • Step 1: Use the iron-on computer transfer paper to make words and letters to stick on your jersey top. The jersey should say “Beavers” and the number “42” on the front, and “Howard” and the number “42” on the back. The words and letters should be in big bold black letters. Cut them out and stick them on your jersey top.
  • Step 2: Next, you’ll work with the fur (you can get fake fur at halloween stores like Spirit Halloween). Glue the fake fur onto the skin-colored leggings and skin-colored shirt in places where your skin would be exposed after you put on the jersey and shorts (see teen wolf picture to get the idea).
  • Step 3: Put the makeup on your face and stick some pieces of fur around your chin and sideburns so that you look very furry up top.
  • Step 4: Get dressed! Put on your skin-colored fur base, top it off with your jersey, shorts, socks, shoes, and headband. Carry around a basketball for the full effect.
  • 2. WolfMan Halloween Costume

    actual werewolf wolfman costume from movie

    actual costume from movie wolfman

    What you will need: 1. A long white shirt, a brown vest that you can cut up, and black pants that you can tear up 2. Fake bood 3. Fake fur for your face and brown makeup. 4. Fangs.

  • Step 1: Tear the edges of your vest and the bottoms of your pants up so it looks like you’ve been running through the forest.
  • Step 2: Smear some fake blood on the front of your shirt.
  • Step 3: Add fake fur around your beard and sideburns, and makeup your face to look like the wolfman (see picture). Put in your fangs. Dont forget to be creative! This is your version of the wolfman so it doesnt have to be exact.  Don’t forget to walk around hunched over for the full effect!
  • 3.  New Moon Werewolf Costume
    What you will need: 1. A pair of knee-length dark colored torn shorts. 2. Body paint to draw the quileute symbol.

    new moon werewolf costume

  • Step 1. This is probably the easiest costume to make since it only has one step! This is a guys-focused costume (sorry girls!) You’ll just need to draw the symbol of the quileute onto your right shoulder (see pic). The costume is just torn shorts. You’ll need to walk around topless.
  • 4.  An American Werewolf in London Costume

    american-werewolf-in london

    american-werewolf-in london

    What you will need: 1. A puffy red jacket. 2. A backpack 3. Fangs. 4. White and black makeup.

  • Step 1: Makeup your face so that it is all white with a ring of black around your eyes (see pic below). Put in your fangs.
  • Step 2: Put on your red puffy jeacket and backpack! That’s it!!
  • an american werewolf in london halloween costume

    an american werewolf in london