Homemade Werewolf Costume

If you are not a werewolf, but want to dress up as one for halloween, there are a number of ideas out there on how to get started with your own costume you can make at home.

Here is a video on a full-body homemade werewolf costume that someone made. It took him over 300 hours to make the entire costume, but the result was a pretty scary-looking werewolf. He gives you a quick step-by-step overview of the different stages he went through in creating the werewolf, including muscle tone, werewolf legs, and a wet-looking face.

If this werewolf costume is a bit too involved for you, there are other ways to make your own homemade werewolf costume.

1.  The first idea is that you can think of who your favorite werewolf is from the movies and use that movie werewolf as your costume inspiration – Teen Wolf, American Werewolf, Jacob – there are many different choices. You can then model your costume based on their look, clothing, and attitude.

2. The next idea in making your own costume at home is to use a bit of halloween costume makeup and creativity. Here are some useful videos and instructables on how to do it yourself with makeup.

3. Another idea is to take your inspiration from music videos featuring werewolves, such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Even if you don’t get the costume quite right, people will probably know what it is if it’s a popular video!

4.  Finally, you can always go as a werewolf that has transformed back into human form…simply tear up some old clothing, add a bit of blood around your face and the top of your shirt, mess up your hair, and put streaks of grease and dirt on your face.  You can throw in some fangs if you want (maybe the werewolf has not quite finished transforming back into human form…)



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  1. Ren says:

    I bought a set of werewolf ear and nose prosthetics from an artist on etsy. Custom made. :)

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