Horrid Henry and the Weird Werewolf – Full Episode

Midweek blues anyone?  Start out or end your day right with a cartoon about the Weird Werewolf!! In this cartoon episode, a boy named Horrid Henry convinces his little brother that “Happy Hippos” are really “Weird Werewolves“! Proof? You never see hippos at night, right?! 😉

But Henry doesn’t stop there…he starts to tell his brother what happens when you start to become a werewolf – according to Henry, the first sign of becoming a werewolf is itchy hands…the second sign is sharp teeth

Will the brother become a werewolf? Will he have a life-long fear of werewolves? Are there any tips you can take home to annoy your little brother or sister!??! 😉

Watch the cartoon episode below to find out!



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  1. wolfey37 says:

    That lil cartoon was funny.

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