Hi Buddy! (and of course all readers :-) )

As you know (*wink*wink :-) ) I am the second contributor to ilovewerewolves. Since we all love werewolves here and wouldn’t be here if we didn’t I dont need to tell you that I love werewolves!

One of my favorite things about them is their transformation, the transformation of a werewolf is one of the most important aspects when watching a werewolf movie, lets face it we all want to see it transform!

But I say you either do a transformation the correct way and make it look as “real” and detailed as possible or simply don’t do the werewewolf transformation at all!

You can lose viewers (or readers) if you can’t create a good transformation; it has to be detailed, painful, bloody, sweaty, ugly, sad, and above all complete.

So as I make my first post here on ilovewerewolves I would like to ask a question to Buddy! Since Buddy knows best! :-)

If a werewolf transforms, where does the transformation begin? And why?

Everything begins somewhere and what we need to find is the answer to where a werewolf transformation would begin on a werewolf?

-Once we figure out where the beginning is I think we can start to figure out where the transformation continues…but until then, until we have a reasonable answer as to where the werewolf transformation starts we cannot move any further…