how do werewolves find their mate?

For a werewolf to find a mate is very difficult. There are many obstacles standing in their paths – not the least of which is that they are surrounded by humans that they have a hard time relating to and that have a hard time relating to them! Many werewolves go a long time without finding a mate. But how did the ones that did find one do it?

When a werewolf comes across their mate they can sense it. They feel an inexplicable urge to be near the individual. There is something compelling about the individual. They want to know everything about him or her. They want to spend time with the person. Inside, the werewolf will feel a sense of knowing they’ve found the right person, and they’ll no longer feel quite so alone. Everything will feel right, happy, and complete when they’re with their mate. It sounds so overly simplistic to just say that the werewolf will just “know” when they’ve found their mate…but it’s true.

Werewolves have a tendency to avoid people and crowds, and they have a difficult time with trust….all things which could hamper the process of finding their mate. One thing working in the werewolf’s favor however is that often two mates are drawn to each other… so even a werewolf that tends to be reclusive has a strong chance at finding their mate….it just may take a little bit longer. It’s an easier and faster process therefore when the werewolf has connected with themselves and knows who they are and is comfortable in their skin. With that knowledge and comfort level, the werewolf is more likely to be more comfortable around humans and other werewolves, and thus may come upon their other half faster. Regardless however, it does hold true that mates are often drawn to each other, and so will inevitably find each other. 🙂



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172 Responses

  1. The Masked Warrior says:

    Uuuuuh, I can’t help with that, sorry….

  2. The Masked Warrior says:

    I had it happen the other day, I found my mate, 🙂 I went from 10 min of sleep to no sleep, but it’s because I’m so dámn happy!!!!!! For once in my life, and this happened just like this, basically..!

    • ashley says:

      ok tbh can i ask u for help cuz i did a spell and i have sharp pains then i got really really warm does that mean it worked

    • The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Bushman* ^Alpha^ #Trainer# says:

      Ashley, I’m not a man of spells, Legend is our current (I think) spell man(he would know)I’m just someone who’s fighting to protect our kind, I was seeing if someone needed help and sure enough someone did. Well, TTYL.

  3. The Masked Warrior says:

    Joe, I’m not religious, but I am going to need help, a demon has entered my dreams, again, and it can kill me IRL if it touches me in my dreams, and I dreamt, he almost touched me, when I awoke, the cross when back to normal(it was upside-down) I need your help, and dear God, it’s watching me from upstairs in the shadows, I’m the only one awake here….

  4. EvaLuna says:

    @ME i can help i had something close to that with my mate 😀 do you feel a spark between you and the guy? and if was a werewolf he wouldn’t tell he would show meaning werewolves have amazing speed and strength beyond any human and i gtg now i will try my best to help you once i get to school 😀

  5. Legend of Light says:

    @Masked I’m present so there is a demon there? @Evaluna told me that it helps sometimes to say this: “The blood of Christ has power.” But otherwise if that doesn’t work I’d suggest trying your best to pray to God to protect and forgive you, to be on your side forever. But if you know me and demons in dreams I am relentless and will condemn them out of my dream world by literally throwing them out of the Reality Bubble of my dream. But let’s not focus on that. We should focus on this Demon pray to God, and remember “The blood of Christ has Power.” And so does God and the Truth. Do not be afraid because if you go to God he will protect you.

  6. Ashlie says:

    I think I’m a werewolf I’m not sure. I don’t think I found my mate yet.

  7. Sean says:

    I am a werewolf and have no idea how relationships work

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