how do werewolves find their mate?

For a werewolf to find a mate is very difficult. There are many obstacles standing in their paths – not the least of which is that they are surrounded by humans that they have a hard time relating to and that have a hard time relating to them! Many werewolves go a long time without finding a mate. But how did the ones that did find one do it?

When a werewolf comes across their mate they can sense it. They feel an inexplicable urge to be near the individual. There is something compelling about the individual. They want to know everything about him or her. They want to spend time with the person. Inside, the werewolf will feel a sense of knowing they’ve found the right person, and they’ll no longer feel quite so alone. Everything will feel right, happy, and complete when they’re with their mate. It sounds so overly simplistic to just say that the werewolf will just “know” when they’ve found their mate…but it’s true.

Werewolves have a tendency to avoid people and crowds, and they have a difficult time with trust….all things which could hamper the process of finding their mate. One thing working in the werewolf’s favor however is that often two mates are drawn to each other… so even a werewolf that tends to be reclusive has a strong chance at finding their mate….it just may take a little bit longer. It’s an easier and faster process therefore when the werewolf has connected with themselves and knows who they are and is comfortable in their skin. With that knowledge and comfort level, the werewolf is more likely to be more comfortable around humans and other werewolves, and thus may come upon their other half faster. Regardless however, it does hold true that mates are often drawn to each other, and so will inevitably find each other. 🙂



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226 Responses

  1. Skye says:

    I need help! My wolf is worried and scared that our mate will reject us, I’m worried too.

  2. Adlet says:

    If you see yourself different from your wolf… then you are already at a disadvantage.

    Always listen to your instincts. They are right 99% of the time.

    I suggest confronting your mate immediately. He will either do whatever he can to put you at ease… or he will confirm what you already know. Either way, you get closure. The suffering will continue until you take action.

  3. Nadezda says:

    Wait a second…. werewolves are real or is this like a scam thing and people r just faking all this. I’m quite confused here….

  4. gabby says:

    I believe in werewolf I really do I read a lot of book about them an I all so like to become one so do anyone know a alpha who can turn me in to a werewolf plzz let me know

    • Linda says:

      You can’t “become” a werewolf, sorry. You have to be born one. The moon goddess chooses who possess such power and those who do not.

  5. Amber says:

    I do. I know an Alpha. But it’s a myth that you can turn other species into a werewolf. Just saying

  6. Wolfy says:

    @gabby you can’t be turn into a werewolf it’s impossible one or both of your parents would have to be a werewolf for you to get the gene.

  7. JustACuriousHumanGirl:) says:

    uhhh yeah so I dont even know how I got here but a lot comments have been saying about their mates might reject them and all so I’m just curious, would the werewolf rather have a werewolf mate or are they fine with a mortal one?

  8. Bella says:

    I am half werewolf from saying a spell. It worked and now I am a werewolf

  9. Kloe says:

    Hi all. I’m confused I’ve been having weird daydreams about finding a werewolf mate. I have no idea if they are actually real. But these “visions” and dreams seem so real and calming at the thought of finding this mate. I am not a werewolf of but I keep hearing the words “alpha” and omega” in my head. Is it just my mind playing tricks on me or does anyone else’s have the same?

  10. Jack rose says:

    I found someone that I think might be me and wolf’s mate but at the same time I don’t think they are

  11. Selena says:

    I have a question so this family have move in next door to my neighbor. I really didn’t pay much attention to them until one day. When I turn to look at him I postitve his eyes changed from brown to Amber gold wolf eyes and we just stared at each other and everytime we see each other I always see his wolf eyes. I know it’s sound confusing, I’m just wondering why everytime I’m around he gets all wolfy.

    • Lupe says:

      You’ve created this idea where he gets “wolfy,” but how do u know it is “Wolf”-y? Also, lighting can do that. Doesn’t make it a “wolf” thing, it’s just chemicals, muscles, and lighting. I’d suggest respectfully talking to them, if ur that worried. Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it.

  12. Lily says:

    Is it possible that a wolf would reject his mate and can I ask why.

    • Lupe says:

      It could be, and yes you can ask why.

    • Lily says:

      Like why would a wolf not want his mate I thought a wolf will be joyful to find their mate why reject them. @lupe

    • Lupe says:

      @Lily: I wouldn’t become assumptuous. Everyone has their reasons and maybe some might have better reasons than others. When it comes to wolves, they could choose to “reject” their mate, if you would even use that term, but it’s highly unlikely. Could you explain in more detail what it is your asking, so I could give a better answer?

  13. Lily says:

    Well I have a friend who mate is a wolf and well he doesn’t like she hasn’t done anything to him he just really rude to her like she ruined his life. He also has a girlfriend now my friend she knows that she not trying break no one up she just wanna why he hate her. She said I didn’t ask for him and his girlfriend is just as rude as he enjoying the mean comments he gives my friend his mate. I know this sounds a lot confusing, I just wanna know what to tell my friend. The plot is a wolf who already had a girlfriend then he finds his mate a.k.a. my best friend then treats my friend like shit just to make his girlfriend happy who to me seem to enjoy my friend discomfort. I just want to know what to tell my friend. @Lupe

    • Lupe says:

      Ack. Not sure if I’m at liberty to intervene. 😐 this doesn’t seem like a wolf problem, it seems like a human problem.

      Before I give my opinion, I want to pressure that this isn’t the right place to be searching for self help. You should be searching elsewhere, somewhere else. Think about maybe going to a psychologist to seek help or something? Even if you don’t agree with seeking help in areas with random people on the internet, it’s better for you if you look in areas where there’s more security and such. This is honestly not my problem, neither is it my job. Search for someone such as a psychologist who can help with this.

      My opinion on this: It’s an issue that resides in that one guy. I wouldn’t show hate towards him; everyone is evil in some way in their life. Instead, I’d show respect; respect his decision, and if he chooses to be like he is, then he doesn’t deserve a person like your friend. Just be calm, respectful, but whatever the case, you shouldn’t allow yourself (or themself) to remain in a toxic relationship. Do what’s best.

    • Margarita says:

      As a psychologist looking through the comments of your post there’s quite a few questions you could ask your friend , first of all im sensing her feeling must be very strong towards this person , sometimes when we get worked up on someone we can’t seem to see the world without that person , but that’s natural , she should step back and work on herself for now to make herself happy , do some meditation and boost her self-esteem , that will help her to realise how strong of a person she is, it’s easy to loose our ways and get cought up in unhealthy feelings , but we need to remember that they too shall pass soon , sending love. M .

  14. Julian Goliszek says:

    Greetings and a salutations, I need some help. My best friend is a werewolf and he is claiming that I’m his mate but I am very new to all of this and am not quite sure how to respond. And when another one of his pack—I believe that’s the right term—comes near me he gets very aggressive and it takes a lot to call him down. I am not sure what to do in this situation. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

  15. Alexis says:

    What do I do when I found my mate but even tho she feels it too she says she’s not ready to be with me?

  16. Ăłï says:

    Is werewolf really real? I mean i dont want to be rude or anything. But we live in a world normal. Nothing that crazy. We make things because we feel alone. Its like god. How can you know that he is real? Maybe poeple saw him. But its just someone who wrote a book about him. So that we dont feel scared. I really dont want to sound rude or anything like that. But yes i do think that there more then meats the eye but how can you believe in something that you never seen. Its like santa, we are told from a young age that it is really and all. But its not. So what if its the same thing with god or werewolves or vampires or all that you know. I dont know its just my opinion. :/

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