How long can a Vampire survive without blood

Survival of the fittest, or oldest?

The question is how long can a Vampire survive without blood?

It varies from vampire to vampire. Generally older vampires can go longer periods of time not having to feed on blood; if we look at younger vamps they must “feed” more often than the elders. Why? Older Vamps are conditioned to longer periods of dehydration until they get their normal food supply, this conditioning comes with age. A younger vampire generally lives day to day trying to quench the thirst that a newly turned vamp has acquired. If they do not get this supply of blood in most circumstances they will be immobilized from the lack of the essential food.

Lets say for example you were able to catch a vampire. You took that vampire and putHow long can a Vampire survive without blood him/her in a area where they could essentially be starved – How long would it take to starve a Vamp? Results vary depending on if the vampire is young or old, and by young I am referring to the amount of time he/she has been a vampire. The older vampires can generally go for longer periods of time without having the need for the blood, and as I mentioned before they do not die of lack of blood but become immobilized (This will also be covered later).

The rule for the amount of blood  Vampire needs is that for every year that you are a Vampire is one day you can go without feeding. So, if you are a Vamp that has only been turned for five years then you can go five years without blood; if you have forty years of being a Vampire than you have forty days you can go without feeding, and so on… One day of being a Vampire is equal to one year you can go without having to drink/eat.

So that Vampire we put in confinement will “survive” the amount of days they have of being Vampire.This is the reason why newly turned Vampires must feed the first day they are infected, and this is why the thirst is so strong. The longer you are a vamp the longer you can hold out without blood and the easier cravings become, keeping in mind there are aways some exceptions.



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  1. Lupe says:

    Interesting.. part of me wishes I could put a thinking face emoji, but I cannot XD

    Thanks, EmCWolf, for that explanation. Now, I must ask Dante a few questions.

    Questions for Dante:

    1- What is awakening?

    2- How exactly do each “branch” of vampire feed?

    3- How long do vampires live compared to humans?

    4- (If you know) how did each “branch” come to be? (Meaning, how did they develop into branches)

    5- Would you count those with the mental disorder where they “think” they are a vampire, as being a vampire as well?

    6- For 5, why or why not?

    7- For “practices,” would you feed on animal blood, or is it solely human? The same goes for psi vampires with energy, is it solely human, or could you take energy from animals?

    8- You said “the arts;” with respect, what are these “arts” you refer to?

    9- Are vampires able to teleport or turn invisible?

    10- What are blood letting and blood bars?

    • dante says:

      awakening is when you turn you dont get turned by a bite or in others cases which ive heard of not sure.why thats even a thing is a scratch bunch of idiots smdh. its like the world just slows down and you feel your body start to.kove to fast your mind cant keep up and its like your body slows and slows until you feel like your drowning in quicksand and when its over your mouth feels dry your senses are heightened and you have this hunger and you feel great but everything is complwtly different you see friends, family different thats what i went through when i was 7 ive never met another that awakend that early before. i guess in other words awakening is like dying and coming back from the myth

      2 each branch feeds like this
      1 blood letting or donors we feed on blood,
      2 psi feed on natural energy from.the human body youll find most at like because of the energy in the room,
      3 hybrids can do both and will do both but theyll come off as a psi more. easier to be accepted that way

      3 i really wanna lie here and tell you that we live 10x longer then the average human but this is about being honest. i honestly dont know we age just like you. its just a bit slower then most .

      4 i dont know much about how psis came into existence but i know that sanguinarians have been around for a long long time. so when you feed your actually taking the energy from the blood and consuming that. we cant get energy the pai vampires get the same way they do we need to get it from the life force itself which is blood. so if you think about it all life is blood without it all life as we know it parishes.

      5 i dont want to say they have a mental disorder but i will say they are easily susceptible in todays culture where they are inlove with the idea of being more then what they actually are if they really knew how awful this is they wouldnt tread lightly they would stop wanting this.
      its one thing to act like a vamp but its another thing to be one and know the difference between reality and fiction. but hey ive meet a bunch of cosplayers and people who love the idea of being a vamp many many times.

      7 i feed on human blood not often but i do its either human blood or nothing. ive been offered from a local psi to drink from a buddy of his but i still choose not too im pretty picky when it comes to that as ill only drink from a female the blood just tastes better that way its sweeter and i find females to be much healthier then most men hence why wemon live longer. ive tried to feed on rabbits and squirrels but theres just not enough energy in it to sustain you you also may get about 3 cups from the bunny and half a cup from.the squirrel. if i was to chase after a deer and i somehow got caught there would be alot of questions. as far as psi goes ive only known them to feed on humans but theyll do it alittle at a time and being in a club, bar or some other gathering its there number one feeding ground. they blend and feed the drunker you become the easierit is to lower your guard and let them take away your energy.
      8 i meant no disrespect to witches , the arts being there practice. i have a few wiccan friends and i respect what they do

      9 how i wish XD that would be cool also we wouldnt have to have a vehicle and how cool would that be to just use teleportation as a party trick.

      10 blood letting is the practice of making yourself bleed like a tiny cut and letting vamps feed on you by sharing blood its one way to be a donor thats just a different name for it. blood bars are like these super hidden bars that you have to find you can find donors there and everyones clean its a safe haven for vamps. many thought there werent anymore around they are just really difficult to find if you dont know where to look.

      i wish i could have been more helpful on the age thing or even how the branches became what they are

    • dante says:

      btw in the first answer allow me to clarify have you ever had your body just move on its own? normally your mind has to register what your going to do before you do it thats what im talking about

    • Lupe says:

      @Dante: Yes, that’s occurred for me in cases where I’m half conscious. XD So what your saying is, it’s almost like an impulse you can’t control, caused by something?

    • Lupe says:

      (To clarify: I’ve had cases where my body moves on it’s own while I’m half conscious, but I’m aware of what I’m doing) Not sure if I understand your definition of “awakening.”

    • dante says:

      i guess its harder to explain if its not something you actually experience… not meaning that as an insult. awakeningg is the form of becoming. normally happens during puberty so to awaken youve gotta have the lineage in your blood it could either come from your parents or a relative it has to be in your blood someplace. saying all i did for what i wwnt through might not have been the best way to describe it. it normally happens during puberty i however had the pleasure of experiencing it young i could never actually explain why and any psi vamps ive asked cant give me an explaination either its just a rare case.

      i wish i could give you a better example but thats what i went through.

  2. katie says:

    “The rule for the amount of blood Vampire needs is that for every year that you are a Vampire is one day you can go without feeding. So, if you are a Vamp that has only been turned for five years then you can go five years without blood; if you have forty years of being a Vampire than you have forty days you can go without feeding, and so on… One day of being a Vampire is equal to one year you can go without having to drink/eat.”

    If each year is a day that a vampire can survive without blood then how could a vampire that’s been turned for 5 years survive for 5 years without blood?

    • Lupe says:

      Furthermore, based on these statistics, if you’ve been a Vampire for only a day, you can roughly go a little over 4 minutes without any blood. That being said, on your first day, you have to always be drinking blood just so you can survive.

      There is technically this much blood in the world, but the likelihood that you would obtain this much blood is beyond unlikely.. if anything, improbable, impractical, and unnecessary. I don’t think this is how vampires work, sorry..

  3. Lupe says:

    I’m not finished reading through this conversation, but I can already see how questionable it is.

  4. Ana says:

    Sorry to burst everyone’s imaginary la la land bubble but number one they are not called vampires. Vampires do not exist , but are a simple Legend to keep the real truth covered. In truth we are closest to immortal you can get and we feed on human blood and can survive on a no fat normal food diet.
    We can go long periods of time without feeding , and eat normal human food to keep out systems functioning but it makes us weak and can only use our ablities to minimum.
    I am glad that lies are still circulating the internet to keep us in hiding.

    • Lupe says:

      Sorry to burst your imaginary la la land bubble, but what you’re saying seems far more unrealistic and further from the truth than what I’ve been saying. Not to say this against you as a person, but I’m just saying.

  5. James says:

    People hello my name is dark angel and no need to fight and argue about what is real and not… Nothing is impossible…. Vampires werewolves mystical creatures yes we all question these theories and still we have many questions on what is real…. Now the truth………… Yes these things exist myths are fact there’s a meaning behind everything just like people believe in god devil gods etc…. Nothing is created for a reason do people have something to believe in.. no it all has a message it’s all very real open your eyes and ears these things exist when you sleep you dream is that real are you guys gonna say that ain’t real…… Or mediums talking to the dead…. All these exist just like people having faith …… Now yes vampires exist phychic vampires sanginareanes undead vampires exist they exist but of physhic vampires are not vampires they just feed on energy doesn’t make them a vampire…. Same with sanginareanes ….. Real vampires do drink blood they have super strength sences speed etc… They were chosen by the undead vampire gods no one can be a vampire unless worthy and chosen by the vampire temple and no a vampire can live years and years without blood but sooner or later they will look starved becoming malnutrition no body fat but they will still live and have there abilities but over time they will die and yes vampires live way longer than humans because there genetic vampire mutation slows down body decaying and helps them live longer life spawns vampires can become immortal by living many life times.. the vampires powers and body will become stronger with each life time which inhanses your life span each life dinner or later you will live to say 1000 years but it takes time now do not question vampires and things you have no right or meaning in knowing the truth about all things exist nothing is impossible…… Sincerely DARK ANGEL high priest vampire temple

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