How long can a Vampire survive without blood

Survival of the fittest, or oldest?

The question is how long can a Vampire survive without blood?

It varies from vampire to vampire. Generally older vampires can go longer periods of time not having to feed on blood; if we look at younger vamps they must “feed” more often than the elders. Why? Older Vamps are conditioned to longer periods of dehydration until they get their normal food supply, this conditioning comes with age. A younger vampire generally lives day to day trying to quench the thirst that a newly turned vamp has acquired. If they do not get this supply of blood in most circumstances they will be immobilized from the lack of the essential food.

Lets say for example you were able to catch a vampire. You took that vampire and putHow long can a Vampire survive without blood him/her in a area where they could essentially be starved – How long would it take to starve a Vamp? Results vary depending on if the vampire is young or old, and by young I am referring to the amount of time he/she has been a vampire. The older vampires can generally go for longer periods of time without having the need for the blood, and as I mentioned before they do not die of lack of blood but become immobilized (This will also be covered later).

The rule for the amount of blood  Vampire needs is that for every year that you are a Vampire is one day you can go without feeding. So, if you are a Vamp that has only been turned for five years then you can go five years without blood; if you have forty years of being a Vampire than you have forty days you can go without feeding, and so on… One day of being a Vampire is equal to one year you can go without having to drink/eat.

So that Vampire we put in confinement will “survive” the amount of days they have of being Vampire.This is the reason why newly turned Vampires must feed the first day they are infected, and this is why the thirst is so strong. The longer you are a vamp the longer you can hold out without blood and the easier cravings become, keeping in mind there are aways some exceptions.



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31 Responses

  1. Tam says:

    Is that the same for Vampires turned by spells? One of my friends is trying to turn via spells, since we live in a city, so I wanted to warn her about the “urges” that Vampires get.

    • not born says:

      Once u do a spell. U have to look out for any new people and pay attention to puncture wounds on body. Just because one does a spell doesn’t make u a vamp automatic. U just called forth a vamp to enter/invite to put their fangs into you. Be careful being a vampire is not easy.

    • Krul Tepes says:

      Sorry to tell you, but you’ll need a real vampire such as myself to infect your friend

  2. Kyle says:

    this is very good to know i mean i’m a werewolf and my Gf is a vamp. when we are of age we are talking about moving in together and I was gunna find some where I can and go hunting animals. and now I know this It would be smart to bring her with me. thank you

  3. Soul Tepes says:

    “So, if you are a Vamp that has only been turned for five years then you can go five years without blood; if you have forty years of being a Vampire than you have forty days you can go without feeding”

    If you read closely their is a typo…
    if you have 5 years you have five years of no feeding but if your forty years you only have forty days?

  4. Jamie says:

    @Tam: I dont think so,That is a realy good question. How about you ask the person who made up VAMPIRES.


  5. Jamie says:

    Who thinks WEREWOLVES are better, and who thinks VAMPIRES are better?
    Pick your best:) 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀 ;p ;p ;p

  6. nightwolf says:

    @tam: a spell wouldnt work i know i do magic it would only make your friend look like one for a short period but it wouldnt have any major effect
    @jamie: werewolfs all the way 😀

  7. Steven says:

    We can survive as long as you can but we will always be hungry or “thirsty” as you might say

  8. Raelynn says:

    Whatever you humans think, nobody knows that answer but me. Ask anything you want I have it all. Like for instance vampires sleep close to 5 hours a night. Werewolves sleep for about 8.

  9. Gabriel says:

    @Raelynn: Oh doooo go on, I’m dying to know more. I wish sarcasm was translated easier to text…

  10. Vamps1234 says:

    You guys are stupid the are plenty of substitutes that will help like animal blood
    And being a vampire is not all fun and game

  11. Boo says:

    Drinking cum helps

  12. Elise says:

    U don’t know what it is like it is so hard not to bite my family I am half vampire it is rare and I can survive on human food but I need blood more I’m starting to get week so I make a little cut on the same pot I always do I am loosing my tanness but it’s ok I won’t died just really week so stop with the comment plz anyone half vampire

    • Alpha says:

      There is no such thing as a half vampire. All vampires can survive on human food but they need blood to stay healthy. Vampires are basically humans but need blood to survive.

    • Lycanhope says:

      I believe I’ve read this book. This mythos is very familiar to me, but I can’t put my finger on where it’s from. This is going to bother me.

  13. Alpha says:

    Also they dont get a strong urge to feed, they just know they need some and they can go a long time without feeding

  14. Alpha says:

    @Lycanhope: you talking bout me or elise?

  15. Theo Noel says:

    To be honest I do believe I share some characteristics.
    1. I almost NEVER sleep at night
    2. Blood is additive to me, and no matter whose blood I drink, it always tastes sweet to me.
    3. my skin is very pale ever since I was born.
    4. I’m always trying to avoid the sunlight, especially during the spring and summer.

    But with the starving vampires, won’t they sometimes carry some with them at all times?

  16. Xxxxx says:

    what ancient magical spell should i try to get bitten by a werewolf

    • Lupe says:

      To get bitten by a werewolf requires a werewolf to bite you, not a spell. However, I’m sure there are spells out there to lure werewolves to you.

  17. Xxxxx says:

    lure werewolves to you?
    what kinda werewolf?
    demonic or alpha?

  18. Xxxxx says:

    😀 😀 LOL 😀 😀

    • Lupe says:

      Actually, if your trying to use this spell in a story, just use your imagination. If you are going to try to cause this to turn someone into a werewolf in a story your writing, I wish you luck! If your actually going to use it in real life, chances are that your best bet isn’t to use this spell. In real life, a werewolf bite will not turn you.

      Even then, it’s still fun to learn about fantasy and the many ounces of imagination that linger. I guess that’s why I’ve remained so long.. because tho I’m not certain of their existence, I still love werewolves.

  19. Xxxxx says:

    Can teenagers from the age of 13-19 become a vampire or vampire is just for those above the age of 30-50

  20. EmCWolf says:

    Most vampires are born that way. Don’t forget there are also different types:
    1. Sanguine, who feed on blood
    2. Psychic, who feed on another’s emotions/energy
    3. “Hybrid”, who can survive with a mix of both.

  21. Xxxxx says:

    well if thats so
    what about “ode to vampire mother”
    when you say the poem in latin, she’ll send a vampire to initiate you
    so what will the vampire initiate you into
    blood sucker?
    energy/emotions feeder?
    or hybrid?

  22. Lupe says:


    @Xxxxx: Again, if it’s for a story or something fantasy, just use your imagination. If it’s in real life, I don’t think that it would work..

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