How long do werewolves live?

Werewolves, unlike vampires, are not immortal – in other words, they do not live forever as vampires are so famous for. Some say that werewolves do however have an unnatural life span – they have very long lives, and live longer than most human beings. There are some reports of ancient werewolves living hundreds of years, although this is not the case for most.



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81 Responses

  1. dragon girl says:

    vamps are kool and so are werewolves so im with both

  2. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    hi good morning.

  3. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    i hope this day u r Blessed and all those around you.

  4. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    b back latter!

  5. i dont like vampires,if i could trust them i would like them.but i love werewolves.
    for a human im a bit on the wild side

  6. lfm says:

    If the vampires in the movie have any truth than why want to be one i mean holy crap its the sun and boom they explode why not have 24 hrs to live instead of 8hrs of playtime a day

  7. Manda says:

    hii i am at school its sooooo boring nothing to do i am resercahing 😛

  8. pklett92 says:

    research more it could change your life for the better, or the worse.

  9. Re-searcha says:

    Do you know what’s funny? A few posts back on another page someone said it was cool being a werewolf because of the immortality factor. Then a few others agreed as well, and they went on to say that one of the werewolves they knew was about 200 years old; i think a relative of theirs. Hmmm.. but the post here says Werewolves are not immortal, in fact to my knowledge i’ve heard a few others say this as well, so how come you still have people on here who say they are werewolves, talking about how when they are 300 they will do this and do that.

    This is just one of the many things i’m talking about, when I say how can you convince someone that what you say is true, when you keep contradicting yourselves. Not that I need convincing, my mind is already made up, in fact it was made up before I even came on this site. But I just thought I should throw that out there.

    This in no way shows I am against you people’s views.

  10. Hachina says:

    Well, not everyone on this site is necessarily honest. :/ It IS the internet, ya know..

  11. Varloc says:

    I agree with Hachina. Not everyone can be trusted in what they say.

  12. lycanhope says:

    Thank you re-searcher! I have noticed an insane amount of self contridictions on this site as well. And to answer the topic, we live normal lifespans. why? because we are still human! we dont eat cats, we dont live longer, we do have souls, and we dont sleep funny! We are just humans that happen to be able to shift into a different form, whats not to get?

  13. Natalie the Wolf says:

    I am a werewolf. 😀 Here’s my formspring if anyone wants to add me or comment to me or ask me questions:

  14. Lycanhope says:

    Cool, Sanguine or energy?

  15. Natille says:

    Where tf am I? XD

  16. drake says:

    ok well vampires can go out inot the sun but they feel really sick and lose some power. its not fun for them.

  17. night wolf says:

    we can only live the life span as a normal human we do not have any super life regeneration or anything so we only live as long as a human

  18. Longshot says:

    All of you do realize that werewolves and vampires are make believe right? Some of you sound like you need to get some serious help because you have serious issues.

  19. Lycanhope says:

    @Longshot: Wow, thank you kind sir. Your undeniable logic has helped me see the errors of my ways. How could I have been so blind all my life.
    We must listen to him everybody, and start doing something more productive, like searching the Internet for people we can send to mental hospitals!

  20. Mary says:

    Nice sarcasm. And no, we do not need help. Ugh i hate people who are like this.

  21. Wolflover21 says:

    As a matter of fact people believe in werewolves and vampires and some are
    Crazy…. But some are acutely living with this development and you
    Shouldn’t judge them unless ur willing to try what there dealing with!! So take a hike !!!

  22. Wolflover21 says:

    @Mary : thank u !! No one needs to be telling you how to run your life!! And if u are a werewolf or vampire then just ignore these post that @ longshot or any others post!! They are probably jealous of your gift or are trying to bring u down…. Just listen to ur self not other people who u don’t even know!!

  23. Lycanhope says:

    @Wolflover21: “Gift” is a stretch, but yeah, you just gotta love the people “helping” you to see the error of your ways.

  24. Mary says:

    Would not necessarily call me being a werewolf a gift. Its more like a curse to me. But like i have told many people on this site, to me being a werewolf is a curse.

  1. November 26, 2012

    […] werewolves were known to live much longer than humans. In fact, though werewolves are not generally or typically immortal like the vampire, many […]

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