how many werewolves are there in the world

While it’s quite clear that the werewolf population in the world is incredibly small, humans are always wanting to know exactly who many there could be. Surely, they think, if there were any werewolves at all they would have seen or met one by now. And while it’s easy to say that the population is small, let’s put it into real numbers.

Here are the numbers:

  • 684:  So far, on our world population counter, where werewolves self-identify themselves, we have a total of 684 werewolves. (See world population counter).
  • 1,500,000+:  So far, there have been well over a MILLION visitors to ILW since the world population counter went up.
  • 2,428,158,000 – This is the number of internet users there are in the world – around 2 BILLION.
  • 7,067,480,878:  This is the current world population – it is increasing by the second, but it should give you a general idea- around 7 BILLION people.

So, what does this mean?  How does it translate? It means that of the visitors to ILW since we started our population counter:

  • only .04% have identified themselves as werewolves.
  • This represents .000028% of all internet users.
  • And further, it represents .0000097% of the world.

In other words, if you’re a human in some corner of the world – you have virtually no chance of meeting or seeing a werewolf.  In fact, you have a greater chance of being struck by lightening!  And while yes, you are correct in thinking that our population counter only takes into account those werewolves that want to identify themselves and not those that don’t – the fact is that even if you were to assume that our counter only represents a tenth, or even a hundredth of the real werewolf population – it still leaves you with virtually no chance of ever meeting or seeing a werewolf.

So, what this means is that, if you are a human that doesn’t believe in werewolves just because you’ve never seen or met one, look at the numbers.  The chances there would be one living in your area are miniscule, and then, we haven’t even gotten into the fact that as a human you probably would never even recognize them as a werewolf – unless they wanted you to know it.  😉




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8 Responses

  1. Mythic Wolf says:

    I know that werewolves are real. But you see, there are many unknown things we haven’t discovered on this earthly place. Like only 5% of the animals in the ocean are discovered at the moment i typed this out. Anyways, Just because we haven’t “Particularly” met a werewolf. Doesn’t mean its not something the human eye can’t see.

  2. Mythic Wolf says:


  3. Buddy says:

    @Mythic Wolf: True! very True, and the exact point I was trying to make! 🙂

  4. Argharna Welyn says:

    @Mythic Wolf: i think there are literaly thousands of them

  5. divine says:

    Cool. I think there might be one living in Horsham. I’ve been reading a book about a werewolf witch who lives in Horsham. And I thought why Horsham? The book is fiction, however, I was intrigued that Vivian Hartley choose to set her Werewolf witch, Teale Moon, in Horsham. I did some research and found the place is surrounded by woods and there has been several unexplained deaths in the woods. As well as random shredded clothes and abandoned shoes. Perhaps it’s based on truth, as we all know werewolves are highly secretive. I have even seen very odd claw like scratch marks on the trees in Owlbeech Wood. They were to large and high up to be a dog.

  6. Wolf-Girl7 says:

    Trust me, there are many more than you realize. You’re counters are particularly correct, however, that may only reason for the or four states instead of the whole world. They are highly secretive, I should know. But the chances of someone meeting a werewolf is actually much higher than you calculate. People run into werewolves everyday, I bet. I have no exact numbers, no counters for viewers to see, so I can only ask you to trust me. Of course, I soups understand if you didn’t; the information you’ve been given in this post is extremely thought out. But, if you yourself are a werewolf, then you should be able to tell people that there are, in fact, thousands of us. We just don’t like to show who we are.

  7. John Wolf says:

    I didn’t know that any more of us were left after the incident In 1944 I was left without being able to transform I can’t​remember if I even could sadly but that incident got me kind of “FROZEN” in time so to speak I was just 14 and I’m just waking up in a human house hold.!.

  8. Nutella says:

    Question: Is it rare to find a small pack around where u live: im saying this bc im a werewolf(beta) and our pack is 4-5 of us.

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