The werewolf can stop transformations, werewolves do have some control. Even though stopping a transformation may seem impossible it is in fact very possible to prevent a metamorphosis if you needed to or had to for some reason. But a werewolf normally cannot stop a transformation on his or her first try, the weighted one will need practice in preventing the change from taking control of the body and mind. There are a couple of ways to practice stopping a transformation.

The first method to prevent a transformation is to wait until you naturally begin to transform. Once this process begins you can feel it, there will be subtle then major changes to the body and mind. You will know when the process begins, this is your chance at trying to prevent it through meditation, use the power of the mind and body to take back normal control. Breath deep, keep your body still, keep your mind focused on controlling the metamorphosis. The first try at this may get you nothing, you may in fact shift immediately  and you may think you have done nothing to help your situation, but you have. Keep at it, practice, everyt time you feel the shift you must take back control, or try to take back control, the more practice you get the stronger you will become at the technique. The techinique will eventually become easier, and if you practice for long enough, you will be able to control this at will.

The second chance you have at taking control of your transformation is by manually shifting yourself instead of waiting for the natural transformation that the werewolf will get. Of course you have to have experience and know how to manually shift yourself, so this technique may need additional practice and hard work to attain.But once you learn to manually shift, you can try this technique.

There will be a point in every transformation that you will not be able to stop the meatmorphosis from taking your body and mind without your consent, you will lose control; unless you train yourself to keep control. Before you get to the point where your body is telling you that you can no longer keep control and that the werewolf will soon have total control immediately reverse your manual transformation. Back down, suddenly decide to yourself that you do not want to change, reverse your process of shifting. Keep doing this every time you reach the edge of your human part and the beginning of the werewolf part. The more practice you get the easier it will become to control shifting into either human or werewolf.


we are in control even though it may seem we have no control