How to Draw A Vampire

Here’s a pretty cool video on how to draw a vampire! The artist makes it look so easy – sketching out the face shape, then eyes, then filling in the details with fangs and the facial expression. It’s never been that easy for me, but it always helps to watch another artist draw to see how they create the image on the paper.

When you draw a vampire, you essentially have two paths you can take – the vicious, evil looking vampire, or the good, gentle vampire. The good vampire should resemble a human fairly closely, with the exception that it will typically have fangs instead of teeth. It typically will not be very scary or intimidating.

With the evil-looking vampire, artists typically take more creative leeway and can make the vampire look as little like human as they want – in fact, some artists make their drawings appear much more animalistic than human-like, drawing in aspects of bats, demons, spirits, or goth.

In this video, the artist has gone for an evil-looking vampire, and the result is a creature that looks almost part demon – it’s bald, and evil-looking, with only a trace of humanity left in it.

Get creative and make your own vampire drawing!! Have fuN! 🙂



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