How to draw a zombie

Halloween is getting close! And what better way to get in the halloween mood than to draw a zombie! Here’s a pretty good artist that takes you step by step through the process. This zombie isn’t very gory, but the lines are simple, and the explanation is clear, and the artist draws slow enough that it’s pretty easy to follow!

Besides, if you learn to draw your own zombie, you can use it for halloween decorations, halloween invitations, or just a fun piece to add to your sketchbook!

Here’s another artist rendering of a zombie – this drawing is just the top half of the zombie, and it is done at a quick speed so it’s much harder to follow along line-by-line if that’s what you’re trying to do. But it give you a good idea of the kind of detail you can put in to make your zombie really gory and terrifying looking!

Here’s another drawing – this artist goes for a “realistic” looking zombie!



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