How to find a girl werewolf

It can be difficult to find girl werewolves.  As I’ve discussed before, be it on television, in novels or books, or in myths and legends, most werewolves that are shown, described, or remembered are the male werewolves.

But girl werewolves do exist.  The easiest way to find them is to be a werewolf yourself. Werewolves are able to detect other werewolves using their enhanced senses much easier than a human could detect a werewolf. But, as a human, there is still hope. 😉

So, how do you find a girl werewolf?

1. Pheromones
If you are a male (and a werewolf yourself), you can try using your pheromones. Female werewolves are subconsciously attracted to male werewolf pheromones much the same way human females are attracted to human male pheromones. What is a pheromone? A pheromone is an odorless chemical that your body secretes that triggers a (sometimes and most often subconscious) response from others. Pheromones can and do attract others of the opposite sex. In humans and werewolves they are found in sweat, and both humans and werewolves secrete pheromones. So, if you are a werewolf, a little bit of outdoor physical exercise which generates some sweat will naturally help attract girl werewolves. One thing to keep in mind however is that a little bit (not an excessive amount) of “clean” sweat will do the job. An excessive amount of sweat where you start smelling will not work, and you should shower. Remember, pheromones are odorless.

2. Sense of Smell
If you are a werewolf, you can also use your sense of smell. A werewolf’s sense of smell is much stronger than a human’s sense of smell, so you will be able to smell things that as a human you may not have smelled. A girl werewolf will smell slightly different from a human girl. They will have a slightly sweeter, more earthy smell.  This technique is unlikely to work for a human – to humans, both human girls (and werewolf girls) are unlikely to smell different.

3. Attraction for no reason
Whether or not your are a werewolf or a human, this technique will work. Keep your eye out for girls that may not appear to be remarkably beautiful but somehow are attracting alot of male attention. The attention will not appear to be generated by any type of provocative clothing or behavior. The girl (may) or more likely may not be traditionally beautiful in any type of “model” way, but you will nonetheless find her incredibly beautiful in the “there’s just something about her” way.



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117 Responses

  1. she wolf says:

    @Mary: Third form? I haven’t heard it before.

  2. Haaa I disinflat thare tirerson the car with my teeth or nalls and jump on it and leen my lage and piss on thare windows doing this ween thay are a sleep and leeve a sweke toy on the hud haaa

  3. Lycanhope says:

    @she wolf: How are you still taking human allen seriously? I’m legitimately confused.

  4. I may have a gole on life to become a werewolf but it dusnt meen I can be funny I know it dus not ancer your quston.

  5. @Lycanhope: you are just mad becus I’m nice to she-wolf and you are an ass and yes I do reed what she tipes and if you don’t like me toBad git over it. It is realy hard to be nice trust me I don’t like pp like you that have stuff aginst me so leeve me alone

  6. Lycanhope says:

    @human allen: Confused does not mean mad, it means confused.
    I’m also not being an ass, I’m being amazingly civil.

    And it’s not that I don’t like you, I’m just wondering why you’re wasting everybody’s time.
    If you want to be taken seriously:
    a) Learn some English. If it’s not your first language, that is still no excuse for the complete ignorance you’re showing for basic grammar, spelling and punctuation.
    b) Don’t contrast yourself. Don’t ask if you may be a werewolf, list some signs, and then go on about how you grow claws and slash your neighbour’s car tires. That’s roleplaying 101.

    If you even gave the slightest indication that you were legitimately interested in learning, I’d have no problems. But you’re wasting my time, she wolf’s time, and your own time.

  7. nightwolf says:

    i agree with lycanhope im confused here

  8. Brandon says:

    I am confused as well :I

  9. she wolf says:

    @Lycanhope: Not really. I don’t reply some of his questions if I don’t know what’s the answer. I’m also confuse with him sometimes but I’m trying to understand him. You know, human allen is just a misunderstood person. I’m also not wasting my time, It’s just I want to do something this summer. I know that he maybe wasting his or your time but he does not waste mine.

    @human allen: Please don’t throw tantrums with the people here. They maybe misunderstood you. Just ignore them like ‘ I don’t care’.

  10. Mary says:

    You are back! Yay

  11. Mary says:

    Yayah. Or yeah. dude im pretty much just looking for someone to talk to and or help me with something.

  12. human allen says:

    @she wolf: I meen it I’m not going on this page eny moore if you won’t to. Talk go to www. look for x.xxallenxx.x the only reson I’m looking to become a werewolf be cuse I’m sick of nurmul life I rather be a blood trusty werewolf then being a purson or diy trying I won’t let others stop me with my karity and knolge well you know

  13. she wolf says:

    @Mary: Help you with what?

    @human allen: I also want you to be werewolf but not the blood thirsty one. I want you to be the friendly and peaceful type of were. Please.

  14. Gabrielwolf2012 says:

    @human allen: Unless you are already a maniac you are not becoming a “blood thirsty werewolf” secondly there is still much debate wether you can simple become one or if it is directly geneticly linked. And while normal life may be boring…… well id agree with you there. Then again it’s not like you go wolf every night hunting animals, in fact, the physical shift is very hard to pull of if at all (I can’t do it and most I know can’t… yet) what I’m saying is there isnt to much extra in being a werewolf and it’s very close to normal life. My suggestion, get into something more in depth and interesting like magic or auras. I wouldn’t try disclaiming me (not that you would right?) considering this is all stuff I’ve learned.

  15. nightwolf says:

    @human alien: i agree with she wolf..i hated people to but then i learned everyone has problems..people just hide from theirs and exploit others its like a defense…just ignore and keep going everything will be fine…no one wants you to leave at least i dont we’re all just a little confused on your grammar thats all..honest

  16. nightwolf says:

    @human alien: gabe. also has a point being a werewolf isint like the movies its like being more spiritual is all….auras(my personal choice) is something more in what your looking for but everything needs time,practice,will,and heart in order for it to work

  17. human allen says:

    This small town need somthing to be scard of I wold terize it for 120 years just plane fun haaa

  18. Gabrielwolf2012 says:

    @human allen: I beleive you may need profesiomal help if that’s the case. Unless… How old are you? I consider maturity level to be significantly lower under the age of 12 so if your ten or something id suggest you wait a bit and think on all of this before you come back and ask again. That was not an insult just something I’ve observed by the way you’ve acted.

  19. nightwolf says:

    i ofen think that myself” this town needs a better class of villiens and im gana give to them” is one of my fav lines in the dark night movie…but then i think “naw id just get boerd again and its to much work for a small town”

  20. human allen says:

    Do your saying the werewolves along time ago wus just a bunch of pp murdring any one and anything just becus thay won’t to die and your also saying the vary furst werewolf that wus creatid on a full moon eclips by black magic and human vurgin blood a wolf blood mixd with somthing els is baskly a bunch of shit passd on for a long time an never changd it like saying god don’t exzist ween he dus since is not allwase right o and the moon is just a usless rock with a gravtashon filled the sun is just a big ball of gas the fact is the unvers is made from god can since tell us huw god is or where we go ween we die the ancer is no since can not tell us life is a gift I see life in so miny ways I belive on miths and leadgons and since I try to self study it my self I may not spell vary good but I’m vary smart but goth.

  21. Gabrielwolf2012 says:

    @human allen: All of that is public knowledge and InBev directly said that and neither did NightWolf so I literally have no idea where you got that. And again that’s stuff, beleive it or not, a lot of people know or can conclude minus some of the werewolf history (only some). And you never answered the question, how old are you? I will admit im 14 but I’ve been told a lot of the time I’m more mature than quite a few, actually a lot, of people older than me (and not just people who are 15)

  22. Gabrielwolf2012 says:

    “InBev” was supposed to be “i never” don’t ask me about my autocorrect.

  23. Gabrielwolf2012 says:

    I gtg, very tired.

  24. Lycanhope says:

    @Gabrielwolf2012: This is hands down the smartest discussion I’ve seen you have. All my respect man.

    @human allen: We’re not bloodthirsty.
    We don’t terrorize people.
    It’s not something you get into because you’re bored.
    You can’t live for 120 years.
    Go away.

    @night wolf: The Joker and Loki are examples of perfect villains imo. Nothing done in anger. Nothing done to cause pain for the hell of it. All they do is upset the world order and shake things up a bit, make things interesting.

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