how to make a werewolf laceration

If you want a simple werewolf-related halloween costume, you could be a werewolf victim! Meaning, a human with werewolf cuts and lacerations on key parts of their body. Now, just a word of disclaimer to any human out there – werewolves aren’t just going to attack a human for no reason, meaning if you want to be a “werewolf victim” this is going to imply something about who you are – more than likely your halloween character should be a werewolf hunter (that was attacked by a werewolf). This would explain how and why the werewolf attacked you – and how you actually even found the werewolf to begin with. Because, as previously mentioned, werewolves typically keep to themselves for the most part and are unlikely to truly attack unless provoked. 🙂

So, now that we’ve established that, for your werewolf laceration, the tools you’ll need include:
thin make-up brush
black face paint
scar wax
skin-colored face powder
red and brown eyeshadow
fake blood

The video below shows how to apply – the end result is a pretty cool-looking werewolf laceration that you can apply to your leg, arm, hand, or face!



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