How to say I Love You

Werewolves are notoriously closed and reclusive creatures, so saying “I Love You” – even on a day such as Valentine’s Day, can be difficult. But werewolves can, and do (when they feel comfortable enough) say “I Love You”.

If you’re a werweolf, how do you say those 3 simple words that mean so much? The answer is simple. You just say them straight, simple, and direct. You say them as you would if you were only human.  Being a werewolf makes you different yes, but it doesn’t mean that you should deny yourself expression of love.  If you feel love, you should express it. Let the person know. Just tell them you love them. It doesn’t have to involve also telling them what you are.  It doesn’t have to involve a big event with candlelight and romance. A simple, direct expression of those three words is all you need.  Telling your beloved that you’re also a werewolf is a different situation that doesn’t have to come today. It can come at a different time under different circumstances.

Need motivation and help saying those three words of love?  Here are wolves, dogs, birds, and even cats saying “I Love You”.  Take it from them, sometimes it’s just as easy as saying the words and meaning them.  😉

Dog saying I Love You

Wolf Hybrid saying I Love You

Cat says I Love You

Bird says I Love You

Parrot says I Love You



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