How to Survive a Werewolf Attack

If a werewolf decided to attack you,what would you do? Would you try to run? Would you hide? Would you stand your ground?  Chances are if a werewolf truly has you in his or her sights, you don’t stand much of a chance…werewolves are stronger, faster, and smarter than humans!  So, in short, there is no hiding from a werewolf…in short it’s best to never get spotted to begin with!  But that can sometimes be hard too! Here are some tips to help you avoid an encounter:

1. Stay inside during full moon.
This tips seems rather obvious, however just because it’s obvious, doesn’t mean that humans heed it!  So it is worth mentioning and reminding that staying inside during a full moon is perhaps one of the best ways to avoid a werewolf attack altogether.  Now, keep in mind that this is not a fool-proof method, as werewolves do not transform only during the full moon…many are of course capable of transformations on any given night.  Full moons are however a more powerful pull on many werewolves – especially newer ones with less control.

2.  Cover up your human scent! (Stand upwind!) – Werewolves have excellent senses of smell….if a wolf’s sense of smell is estimated at being 100 times stronger than that of a human, well you can just imagine how much stronger a werewolf’s sense of smell is! If a werewolf catches scent of you, you can pretty much rest assured he/she will know exactly where you are.  If you find yourself outside within view of a werewolf, and there’s any way you can manage it, try to position yourself upwind so that your human scent doesn’t reach the werewolf.

4.  Stay in crowds, particularly at night.  While this is not a fool-proof method to avoid an encounter, a werewolf will be less likely to reveal him or herself in the middle of a crowd of people.  You’re better off – and safer off – in numbers.

3.  Playing dead does not work. – If you think that there might be a werewolf nearby, get inside, hide, do your best to remain out of sight.  Do not – and I repeat – do not – think you can stay in plain sight of a werewolf and avoid a confrontation by “playing dead”.  While this may work on some animals in the wild, werewolves will not be fooled and will very much know if you are alive or not. By playing dead, you are doing nothing more than laying in wait for the werewolf to find you!

4. Yelling, insulting, and cursing a werewolf only enrages. – Remember, werewolves are not just animal instinct – they also still have human intelligence even in werewolf form.  Do not therefore think you can scare the werewolf off by yelling insults or curses or becoming hyper confrontational with a werewolf.  Unlike an animal which may become frightened by your aggressiveness, a werewolf will understand exactly what you are saying to it…and escalating curses and insults will do nothing but enrage the werewolf.  Again, remain silent and try to stay hidden to avoid any encounter to begin with!





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107 Responses

  1. dirty Al says:

    Actually I’ve been looking for a werewolf quite a while I like being human or being in the human form Everyday a field brittle week Helpless And I don’t like that anybody else around me I’ll continue searching for power until I die One device could help me if we ever have the technology to get to it But I’ll probably be dead by the time they have technology to do so And by the way I’m not a kid My date is. m29 1991 I’m older than you. @think I am I’m a person who seeks the truth I’m a person I’m a person who searches for the answers and questions and sometimes when I dream it becomes reality like deja vu but it’s rare that that happens and I’m not trying to be a role player I hate role players.

  2. Wolfie says:

    me too im looking for truth of life,im just full of curiosity but im trying to be careful also so basically im still stuck on phase 1. But one day I will find out…

  3. Wolfie says:

    oh and how to defuse a nuke please?

  4. Wolfie says:

    lemme guess.hmmm cut the green wire eip out the red one…and…no red is bad red is always bad.ummm…I need help yea just is case

  5. dirty Al says:

    @Wolfie: Hey you know to be funny is whenever you’re just defuse a bomb it be funny if the red chord is like the only thing that can disable it and the bomb would be mad at a gas and just knock you out its like someone plays at in your locker and use it as a prank and put out knockout gas no one ever uses the red chord are you kidding me the red chord is always the bad thing and I agree with you on the bomb defuse it sounds like your job is very interesting

  6. Wolfie says:

    naw i just wanna know so that if a nuke or somthing is somewhere i can defuse it.

  7. dirty Al says:

    If it does go off I hope I don’t kill you I hope it gives you superpowers woohoo What is highly likely you’ll get to be there Saturday you probabljy die

  8. dirty Al says:

    Sorry about that other post this voice recognition is messing up

  9. wereboy says:

    I wouldn’t do anything because no werewolf would do that to another werewolf unless it had rabies

  10. wereboy says:

    @dirty Al: I think I have heard about you not really being a werewolf is that true or are you somebody else

  11. Any dream I have comes true and I don’t know why. Also I’m a wolf human

  12. By the way a nuke is heeding to Pompey right now

  13. I don’t know how to defuse it HELP !!!!!!

  14. Lee Ann says:

    Oh no what are we going to do…

  15. nightwolf says:

    quick turn off the xbox!! lol

  16. What are vampires like, I mean how strong are they
    Do they have superhuman abilities and stuff or are they
    just people who dine on blood.

  17. Lycanhope says:

    @Lycan Lover: Don’t think there’s anything particularly special about them, but you’d have to ask Lee.

  18. Ruby says:

    I am one and honestly we control ourselves pretty well and unless you are new in a pack, will stay away from most humans.

  19. Alpha says:

    No, first off packs are rare and we dont stay away from people

    • zilver says:

      so their is a possibility that i can find them. lucky

    • Luna says:

      zilver just to let you know I’m in a pack it’s a small pack of three but yeah I suggest two things 1 listen out for howls 2 if that doesen’t work find some lone wolves and make your own pack.

  20. The Dude says:

    Don’t know werewolves had Internet access, fascinating!

  21. Lillith Jane Black says:

    there not beast of course they do

  22. Lillith Jane Black says:

    Well yeah I guess you did but that is ok.

  23. Danny says:

    God dam I wish Remus / werewolfs are awesome wasn’t here cuz then I could actually get true facts about werewolves

  24. Lillith Jane Black says:

    bye yall your nice and all but I didn’t get any help from here and most of the stuff on here is a myth

  25. Danny says:

    Ok well bye lily forever I guess

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