How Werewolves Move

Despite their weight, and size, werewolves are not the clumsy awkward creatures that humans might expect, but are surprisingly graceful. They are swift, steady, and sure in how they move, and often act with extreme speed.

How werewolves move – unlike any other human or animal, is one of the first things that often gives the tip-off to humans, even from a distance, that the shadowy figure that they’re seeing is not quite human, nor quite animal. The best way to describe a werewolf’s movement is to describe it as a combined mix between the perfected moves of a cat and the steady sure movements of a wolf ….although this description still falls short of actuality, it gives you a sense of the way in which werewolves move. The movements are often with great speed, and extremely precise. Method of movement is one manner in which vampires and werewolves may be slightly similar, as vampires too are often described as being eerily graceful and superhumanly quick.              (Are werewolves faster than vampires?)

All this does not mean that there aren’t werewolves that are less graceful. Often newer werewolves find that they need some time to learn to control their new senses and agility. Time and experience tends to bring these qualities out as they have a chance to transform and experience their new abilities.



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22 Responses

  1. Värlôc says:

    While under the apprenticeship of a sensei friend, he taught me many move movements, such as flash combat. I have learned where to hit enemies where it really hurts.

    My sensei’s teaching and wisdom have also helped me gain and control elemental powers, as well as control my emotions.

    I have learned many other things, and it is simple to learn through hard work, perseverance, and meditation. Good luck!

  2. ireallyluvwerewolves says:

    Hey im new at this so lol idk alot of moves but im learning balance and control plus im workin out more to help my wolfy muscles get stronger the seeing at night helps

  3. Värlôc says:

    That’s a good tactic. One way to sharpen the skill of night vision is to eat carrots, which has several substances that would help make your vision more adjustable to the volume of light.

  4. ireallyluvwerewolves says:

    thanks for the advice lol i like luv carrots
    even human foods can be somwat helpful to werewolves

  5. Rafael says:

    I was wondering, how can i be a werewolf? I don’t live in the US, and i have never seen any evidence of a werewolf here in Brazil( Yeah i live here)

  6. Värlôc says:

    There are many different ways…

  7. Rafael says:

    Well, i don’t know if they really exist, i know spirits do, but i don’t know why i’m asking this to myself

  8. Värlôc says:

    We exist. Trust me.

    As to your other question, there are many ways to become a werewolf. The most simple and least painful way is to inject yourself with 3 pints of pure lycan blood. Its rare to find, but it works.

  9. Rafael says:

    I don’t know much about werewolves, but i’m asking myself about the lycan since i listened to a demon while i was traveling with some friends.

  10. Rafael says:

    I want a real prof, i would really kill for some information

  11. Värlôc says:

    If you want real info on more than just becoming a werewolf, talk to me and tell me your Facebook name. I will add you.

  12. Rafael says:

    Ok, i want to know more about werewolves, so Rafael Hespanhol, is my facebook name, add me.

  13. ireallyluvwerewolves says:

    if u dont kno ur a werewolf thn look at the ovious
    if u hav paws
    if see at night
    if u run really fast
    and if u have a taste for **
    then ur probably a werewolf
    now theres 2 diff. kinds of werewolf the lugaroo and the lycan
    the lycan- is litterally half man half wolf and is pretty large (hint: very ugly )
    and if bittn or scatched and survives u become one.
    the lugaroo- is actually a wolf thats mega huge and super strong (hint: not an average looking wolf)
    if bittn or scratched u dont become ur born a lugaroo or not
    thats why theyre special
    anyone can become a lycan but lugaroos are rare
    i am a lugaroo

  14. DaRcHoWl says:

    I don’t know if I would call myself a Lugaroo…
    I’m a fairly large wolf, and I have never lost a fight against any other wolf before. But since I’m a lone wolf, I don’t have any pack members to ask for their opinion.

  15. Jeremy says:

    Fake much?

  16. soulwolf says:

    i dont get hairy but i become much stronger at night. i am sleepy during the day and enerqetic at night. my internal clock is on tokyo time.

  17. Lycanhope says:

    This is actually closer to accurate. During the first few shifts you would probably be slightly awkward, considering you’re still thinking slightly human, but hat should pass.
    @Varloc: Lycan blood? Seriously? Just saying, I hate role-players, especially those who give out potentially dangerous misinformation. Did you consider he may try that with wolf blood if he was desperate enough? How do you think his immune system would react to that?
    @ireallyluvwerewolves: Nice study of folklore, but don’t believe everything you hear.

  18. Wolvespwn92 says:

    guys, i belive in alot of things, i wonder if werewolves are real too, it doesnt count to call yourself one because your nocturnal, i am too, i have alot of werewolf charicteristics! if you can grow huge and grow fur, id love to become one too

  19. ILiekPizza says:

    @lycanshade: It doesnt happen like that. Werewolves are born, not made. Besides, even as a werewolf your life can turn south. Mine is going downhill as we speak.

  20. boone says:

    @Värlôc: hey varloc, how many questions can you answer because i have a billon questions

  21. Ilikepizza is wrong. Perhaps he has only been around purebloods and denies the existence of mutts (no offense.)

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