Huge fossil bug found – 8 feet long

This was actually in the news this morning, but it really does fall into horror doesn’t it?  Scientists have actually found an EIGHT FOOT LONG fossil of a BUG!!  Actually, they found a fossilized claw of what they believe to be a huge gigantic ancient sea scorpion, which they believe to be the ancestors to modern-day scorpions and possibly spiders, mites and ticks.  Also, scientists have for a long time known there were gigantic cockroaches, dragonflies, and millipedes wandering around.  Remember all those black and white horror movies where the huge bug was attacking people? Yeah, if those things were still alive that’s exactly how the world would be.  Amazing, and  disgusting.  You can find (link expired 🙁 ) the entire Biggest Bug Ever article by searching the internet.



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