Identifying a werewolf in human form

Identification of a werewolf in human form is quite difficult, and there is no one way to tell. European legends reference some physical characteristics including distinctive heavy-set eyebrows, low-set ears, and curved nails. Many other legends around the world reference different traits including dark thick hair and long middle fingers – or odd characteristics such as hairy palms.
All these identification methods are hit or miss however as not all or necessarily any of these characteristics will apply to all werewolves.

There is however a more agreed upon method to identify a werewolf, which is through the eyes – werewolves in human form are said to have very distinctive eyes that draw you in.



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555 Responses

  1. Tia says:

    :/ I was just thinking about something. Every time I hang out with my boyfriend, it is always at night, apart from one time. That day he seem really annoyed and his nana and him said it is better at night. Last night I asked if he wanted to go to the movies, or hangout with me at my house today. He said he had no money for the movies, so I asked if he wanted to hangout instead. He said he will let me know. It is now 5:50pm and he hasn’t text me back about hanging out. I think I’m just over thinking but it is kind of weird. His friend is also the one, that has (Vampire) at the end of his name on facebook. :/ Why do I always go out with the guys that act weird, or says something weird. 🙁

  2. LT.Johnathan Robert Wolf says:

    Well, my nails curve (so I keep them short) and I keep my eyes behind safety glasses to prevent people from figuring it out, also why would you tell people a possible way to find us???? I mean they could completely fuçk us up someday if they find out who we are, that’s why, I’m going to be meeting Lt.Paul, 2LT.Trumble and possibly Cpl.Fox, so I may know their battle strategy, and help them fight by making grénades and sticky bómbs, so I must not be Identified!!!!!! If any human sees me IRL I’m fuçked!!!

  3. Draco says:

    Do some side effect also include muscle acheing and you hear and smell becoming stronger then normal

  4. Evaluna says:

    @Draco yes they do some include increase of hearing and smell better eyesight and a big craving for meat

  5. I think i mite be a werewolf because i took this test and it seid im 91% werewolf but im 12 can you halp me

  6. Evaluna says:

    ok quizes are fake they can not determine if your a werewolf or not

  7. Kate says:

    Hello, I am so glad I have found this group I have all of the symptoms I have found online had and more I have a huge connection to the moon I can’t sleep when it’s a full moon amazing sense of smell, sight, hearing really sharp teeth I have two cats my eldest cat only trusts me she sleeps with me only let’s me touch her (werecat are real to). I’m only 12 and have anger issue and snarl bite (I have bitten and scratched people and made them bleed), I believe I have maby mentally shifted one time I got really mad my eyes changed got on all fours yelled then ripped up the newspaper arfter that I was in a lot of pain and was exhausted. I really hope you can help

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