If a werewolf is chasing you

You have 3 choices if you find you are being chased by a werewolf.

1.  Run.  If you run from a werewolf of course the werewolf will chase you.  There is no way for a human to outrun a werewolf.  Werewolves have incredible speed and power and would easily overwhelm you. Running is not a good option.

2.  Do not run, stay and fight back.  Of course, this option requires extreme courage because werewolves are fearsome creatures, and chances are the werewolf is not chasing you to be friends with you.  If you do stay and fight be sure that you have something made of silver.  Wolfsbane is also a good werewolf repellant.  Be careful if you choose this option though.  Once you start fighting with a werewolf he will get very angry and you are likely to have a real battle.

2.   Hide.  This is probably the best option.  If a werewolf is chasing you and you manage to get a little ahead of him (or her), a good bet is to hide.  Werewolves have excellent night vision, but if you find a well-hidden spot you might have luck. Don’t make sudden movements…any sudden movements will attract the attention of this night stalker.



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247 Responses

  1. Rastio says:

    do i just type it in or is there somekind of private messaging thing i should use

  2. Sabrefang says:

    we will talk not on this blog for I can see unwanted eyes watching our every word

  3. Sabrefang says:

    i will give you mine and you send me the email


  4. Rastio says:


  5. Rastio says:

    did it get to you?

  6. Sabrefang says:

    yup yup just sent you the email

  7. Good moring Saberfang.
    Same to everyone:)

  8. Akitha says:

    top ‘o the mornin’ to ya. xD

  9. Akitha, how are you fairing?

  10. boornwerwolf says:

    can you PLEASE tell me how to transform

  11. That guy says:

    it takes a lot of practace. it took me sevral years to master controle of it. one bit of advice however is that your emotional state can make it easyer or more dificult to transform.

  12. Meaghan says:

    if a werewolf is chasing you…..RUN AWAY!!!!!

  13. Dream Catcher says:

    A wolf by nature ENJOYS THE THRILL OF THE CHASE… so running away would be ur worst mistake with a werewolf.. better just not go were they are at….. that would be ur safest bet..

  14. Dream Catcher says:

    And if you do find urself in the position of being chased by a werewolf, just before it reaches you, scream cut.. so the director will get mad at u and make u shot the scene over again…… lmao

  15. meaghan says:

    lmao thanx for that tip lmao

  16. Jamz says:

    I used have weird dream about werewolf was chasing me I was in 1800s there was guy turned front of me so ran he rip my clothes off he bit me I always wake up It feel so real im not even kidding about this 🙁

  17. that guy says:

    if a werewolf is chasing you it is probably because they have a grudge against you. most werewolves wouldn’t risk showing themselves to humans unless they have a personal reason.

  18. ILiekPizza says:

    First off, don’t even piss the werewolf off. If you do it anyway, appoligize and leave.

    If you are retarded enough to start running away, expect to die painfully.

  19. Ineedsomeadvice says:

    My comment is LOOSELY related to the post because i couldn’t find a thread for this topic. This werewolf is almost ALWAYS watching me through my window on the full moon (duh) around midnight, and I live in a densely populated area. What should I do?

  20. Wolfie says:

    um…yea if you make him mad you had better RUN like VIGOROUSLY MOVE UR LEGS VIGOROUSLY or expect a very slow amd painful death either that or if he was ur friend you might be lucky enough to live.if he hates you sadly you will probably be stabbed clawed and ripped to atoms and then thrown off a cliff just try to avoid them at ALL costs

  21. Ineedsomeadvice says:

    Thanks for the advice, but if i run im screwed. Im pretty slow. I dunno if its mad at me (yet). I cant tell who he/she is. Its usually pretty dark. He/she got closer tha usual the last time so yeah… thanks anyway. Are there any other things i can do?

  22. Ineedsomeadvice says:

    i als suck at hiding.

  23. Ineedsomeadvice says:

    HOLY CRAP… i have to be th most blind sighted person ALIVE.

  24. Wolfie says:

    yeah on a full moon i always feel as if somebody’s watching me in my sleep it creeps me out…bad im paranoid help me

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