If I knew you were coming Id have baked a cake

Werewolves tend to have a disturbing habit of showing up unannounced…of just dropping If I knew you were coming id have baked a cakeby unexpectedly. Sure, it’s understandable – they don’t want to announce their locations too loudly. They have an internal alarm system which prevents them from saying exactly when and where they will be. They don’t want to be caught off guard. They like to keep the element of surprise so that they have the upper hand. They tend to operate much more spontaneously than humans.

But still, I’ve been told that humans think it would be nice to know in advance that one was showing up.

Apparently humans need to prepare for a werewolf’s visit.

They want to make sure that small animals are out of sight (ridiculous as small animals are as much in danger from a werewolf as they are from a human.) They want to make sure they have a back-up escape route. (Another ridiculous idea, as unless they have somehow wronged the werewolf, they have no need to fear them). They want to have things on hand to ward off the werewolf. (Another ridiculous idea, as do humans really truly think they would have any chance at all against the speed, smarts, and strength of the werewolf even if they did have a material or method that might work?)

What’s a human to do?

You will never get a werewolf visitor or houseguest to consistently announce their arrival before showing up. It’s just simply not in their instincts, minds, or inclination. The best you can do if you know a werewolf is simply expect the unexpected.

If I knew you were coming Id have baked a cake.




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