If I were a Zombie

If I were a zombie I would have one goal in life and everybody would be against it. I would pursue my dream, my only dream, and everyone would be against me. I would live a life without fear, without holdbacks, without any second guesses about what I wanted. I would be consistent, confident, and relentless in my pursuit of my dream. If I were a zombie I wouldn’t have to think twice about anything, I wouldn’t even have to think twice about my favorite meal, It would always be the same It would never change, I will always like it and never complain.

And while you may think I’m dumb, and while you may think i’m uneducated as a matter of fact I am highly skilled. It’s a skill a highly advanced skill to be able to focus on my craft in such a manner and to become so advanced so quickly with little training, it’s comes naturally.

real zombie

If I were a Zombie

If I were a zombie you would have to worry about me but I wouldn’t have to worry about you or anyone or anything else. I will ignore the obvious and always take the path that gets me closer to my dream even if the path is treacherous. If I were a zombie time would be on my side I would be forever young and forever living the dream. I would never give up no matter what obstacle comes between me and the dream no matter how dangerous I wont give up. I will never tire. My youth will give me the strength to keep a commited pace towards my dream, slow and steady I will achieve my goal while you race through your life in pursuit of unfound dreams.

And you may look down on me but at least I know where I’m headed and what I want out of life. While you have no clue, back and forth on what you want, I know what I want. And while you change your dream from one day to the next, and while you amuse other people just to make yourself happy or look happy. And while you try to be somebody you are not I know who I am and I know what I want out of this life. And while feelings are an obstacle for you I am numb to that disease. Compassion only holds you back, your feelings hold you back, your thoughts hold you back, your commitments hold you back, being human only holds you back. And while I have none of those- am none of those-  I will be that much closer to my dream than you will be to yours, If I were a Zombie.



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