If werewolves exist do vampires exist too?

Just a question I thought I’d pose.  I think the clear answer here is no.  Werewolves are living creatures. They die. They are not supernatural, although they may possess more strength and perhaps longer life than normal people or animals, they are still nonetheless mortal. Vampires however – in every legend, story, and myth – are always immortal – they are said to live forever and only sunlight kills them.  This goes against all the laws of nature.

So I think the clear answer to the question is that yes, it is possible for werewolves to exist, but no, not necessarily for vampires to exist too.

Do Vampires exist? Check out what Werewolf967 had to say about this topic of Vampires.



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470 Responses

  1. konno12moto says:

    that is some good poetry

  2. cosmos_wolfen says:

    yes it is wonderful isn’t it?

  3. spiked wolf says:

    Vamps may be hard to belive but it is true they exsit and still walk this earth but they die most easy and dont live forever for im a the opossite of a vamp but im not a human (skinwalker) i hav killed a vampire house with my own “powers” and the help of my pack with also wepons as simple as a giant toothpick.

  4. DaRk says:

    shutup. you did not, you’re a fake as well. leave.

  5. spiked wolf says:

    i will leave when u do

  6. spiked wolf says:

    oh and btw a vamp house is a basic word for ten to thirteen vamps

  7. DaRk says:

    ooh my friend, i’ve been here for over two years now. i don’t plan on leaving. you sound like you’re..what, 11? theres no “vamp houses,” for thats not what they are called or what they are like. now if you would, get the f**k off. you make me sick.

  8. spiked wolf says:

    one my friend im not 11.
    two i dont plan on leaveing just because a bad mouthing b**tch tells me to and now if u study on different vampire clans a house is just a group of vampires

  9. spiked wolf says:

    oh and btw i called it a house cause i can and i will

  10. meaghan says:

    woah calm down people

  11. meaghan says:

    luv the poetry and songs though!!!!!

  12. Wolfgirl says:

    Actually, werewolves and vampires BOTH exist, I myself am a hybrid, a combination of the two, I even have a few vampire friends, tell them you think they don’t exist, and see what happens 3:)

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  14. Evaluna says:


  15. noah says:

    werewolves are real and vampires are but im not teeling any mor questions for now

  16. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Vampires, werewolfs and hybrids all is fake. Don’t believe it guys

  17. Darth_Dan says:

    “Vampires however – in every legend, story, and myth – are always immortal – they are said to live forever and only sunlight kills them. This goes against all the laws of nature.”
    In nature there exists a kind of rodent which can never die of age. These animals can only be killed or starve to death.

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