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If I told you that werewolves really did exist would this change your life if you are not already one? If you had the option to be a good werewolf or bad how would you decide? Even if I told you that you were a werewolf you wouldn’t know unless you had proof, you wouldn’t just believe me, you would want a picture or video for proof, because when the human is in werewolf form the human will not remember anything that happened while he was a werewolf. If you could decide to be a good werewolf or bad one how would you go about this? How does a good werewolf eat? Would you still kill the innocent? Just because you might not hunt humans does not mean that you are not evil, in fact, you would be near the top of the food chain and hunting any animal would be no challenge, this would be a boring game you have to play to get a snack. You would be feeding on animals that could hardly defend themselves. If you are a werewolf, is the human or the werewolf controlling your life?



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. she wolf says:

    Tia, I just wanted to help you because ai might not have dreams like you do but i always feel the same when I met an eye contact with my classmate especially the boys. their stare were threathening to me that their stare says ‘get the hell out of here’, ‘go away! You don’t belong here. You are nothing but a crazy girl’. If I were you tia. I would just ignore them or avoid it if you can. Tell this problem also to your closest friend it might help you.

  2. werewolflover says:

    ya idk if im a werewolf remamber werewolves didnt remember when they were in wolf form but my teeth on the top are very sharp smae on bottom and my nails are really hard and i move very well on my hands and feet

  3. MR BOMBADER says:

    PLS!,I wud like to become one.pls dis my contact:08166335906

  4. Lycanhope says:

    Stop posting personal details! How thick are you people?

  5. Be Yourself says:


    Not true, I am one and I remember so…. yeah

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