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If I told you that werewolves really did exist would this change your life if you are not already one? If you had the option to be a good werewolf or bad how would you decide? Even if I told you that you were a werewolf you wouldn’t know unless you had proof, you wouldn’t just believe me, you would want a picture or video for proof, because when the human is in werewolf form the human will not remember anything that happened while he was a werewolf. If you could decide to be a good werewolf or bad one how would you go about this? How does a good werewolf eat? Would you still kill the innocent? Just because you might not hunt humans does not mean that you are not evil, in fact, you would be near the top of the food chain and hunting any animal would be no challenge, this would be a boring game you have to play to get a snack. You would be feeding on animals that could hardly defend themselves. If you are a werewolf, is the human or the werewolf controlling your life?



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  1. Tia says:

    @Hunni: And last night I had a dream and I was at school walking to my drama class and Erick stand in fount of me and I turn around and Elliot and Brady was all there looking at me. Erick said ‘Brady asked me what we should do if you kept talking about what we are and if you keep on thinking about it’ and I said to Brady that we will have to s*** her up’. And they all looked at me when he said that and smiled. I then push through them and started running then I woke up. At school today I kept thinking about the dream but didn’t really matter till after home group I was walking past and the corner of my eye I saw Brady and Erick both looked at me and smiled. :/ And last week on Thursday night I had a dream that I was sitting with a pack of wolves and this old man came up to me and said that I’m the leader of the park and then I looked at my hands and I was a wolf. (And I was thinking about my ex-boyfriend all day and not about wolves and those boys). And Elliot’s girlfriend was giving me death stears all day then when I got home that day after late night it came up on the newsfeed that Elliot is single. I do try to stay away from all of them but they always turn up. What you think about it? Because why would they looked at me and smiled because all I was doing was going to drama. Oh okay just like the dream I had last night but it was different. -_- Can you help me out?

  2. Hunni says:

    okayy u ahvent answered my question did he say he was a vampire and a werewolf ??

  3. Hunni says:

    yeah if he ais both vamo nd ww then he is exreamly dangerous they are both meaning they wont be able to control their bloodthirst as part of vamp as well as keep the ww undercontrol io suggest you stay away from him unless you want to get hurt !!!

  4. SILENTONE says:

    @Hunni thanks for all your help hope you the best I shall figure the rest out on my own

  5. Tia says:

    @Hunni: No Callam saids that he is a vampire, Leticia saids that she is a witch and Elliot,Erick,Brady,Brad,Conner and Drew saids that they are werewolves. And

    Sorry that I sound mad just had a really annoying day because of them and my maths class. I have been going to the libray because I feel safe in there and just to relax and read my book but yesterday Leticia was hanging around the libray and today I at 2nd lucnh I was reading my book and Elliot’s friend that was nice to me was there doing work on the computer, I also had a bad feeling. When the bell rang I went to the door but before I went there I saw Brady walking out. When I went out I saw Brady looking at me. Yesterday and today all up I would of nearly bump into Leticia and seen her four times,Brady lost count,Elliot twice and Erick three times. And also the bad feelings I get before they see me or if I see them has been getting worst. :/

  6. Tia says:

    @Hunni: Yeah I have stop talking to them and saying stuff to them and I also said sorry to them but I just don’t believe that you could be witch and werewolves. After that I said sorry and wont annoy them but I’m still having weird dreams and they are still freaking me out. Last semmester was when I said sorry But I only just came back from hoildays last monday and they have been acting really weird around me and getting really close. And today I went past Elliot’s ex and she looked at me and gave me a death stare and then looked away and Elliot has been smiliing at me. If they was really what they say then why freak me out because I have been leaving them alone and hanging with my friends.

  7. SILENTONE says:

    @hunni I already know the answer but to just confirm can a turner and a witches power be combined in the same body? And I found the pack! Or they found me one or the other but all the same thanks for your help

  8. Lycanhope says:

    @Tia: If these people bother you enough to spam the internet with your life story every day, tell a friggen adult. Seriously, these people sound like bad news, regardless of what they are/claim to be. Hate to break this to you, but we can’t do anything about them, so there’s no point in telling us your problems unless they’re ones we can fix, like dream interpretation or something.

  9. ILiekPizza says:

    @Tia: Don’t allow someone’s presence to intimidate you. If someone stares at you and it gives you bad feelings, react with the same.

    It shows that you are equals and any mal-intent will be countered with the same.

  10. Tia says:

    @ILiekPizza: Can I ask you something? :/ But I will tell you tomorrow because I don’t know what is happen just have a bad feeling and this dream keeps showing up with the bad feeling.

  11. ILiekPizza says:

    @Tia: You sure can.

  12. Hunni says:

    If a turner has a child with a witch then they will become a hybrid of both and well done for finding the pack. Do you know the packs body name?

  13. Hunni says:

    It isn’t common for witches vamps and wws to join together but when they do its called a clan. If they hav formed a clan i suggest you find out what the clan name is and i can find some stuff out to see if they are a danger to you okay ?

  14. Tia says:

    @Hunni: Okay thank you but I’m not going to find out anymore stuff about them. It’s freaky that my dreams are coming true in a way. e.g I had a dream that Elliot broke up with he’s girlfriend then he tried asking me out but in my dream I was going out with Sam. Only little bit of that dream is coming true because Elliot broke up with he’s girlfriend and now he is only giving me looks not death looks but just looking at me. And Leticia and he’s ex have been giving me evil looks. I told my friend Sam and he said if they keep doing it that he will have a talk to them. So yeah how you going?

  15. SILENTONE says:

    @hunni no I don’t know there name but your right about the whole turner and with thing but I know for a fact it has been in my family for some time now due to going home a visiting family and two members have started to show signs since I’ve been home eg grandfather has smoke all his life and then one day goes to hospital and has x ray and his lungs look like a non smokers and mother who is over fifty and looks like a teenager I just brought the family gene to the front and made it kick in thanks for your help and just curious do we age normal or no and also I’ve noticed head aches like the kind when your hungry but no matter how much I eat I’m not full till I shift then it goes away is that normal? And is there any way to shift at will?

  16. Hunni says:

    The headaches and hungar are just your inner turner. It wants to feed but can only do so when you turn. But over time you will learn how to control the hungar your pack should help you. There is no proven way to turn at will but some believe they can so you will have to get in touch with them. The ageing thing is difficult. Many turners live their life,die and are then reborn again into another life reciving all their turner memories when they come of age (anywhere between 13-16). But there are some turners considered “origionals” they are pure turbner and live longer and look younger. for example they could be 30 and look 15.

  17. Someone says:

    And you are watching TVD 🙂

  18. Urlich says:

    Hello dogs, I like to read your conversations. Yes, I’m a vampire and I really don’t know how you can believe in vampire-werewolf friendship. When I see some werewolf, ofc when he is in human body, I usually reap his/her heart out without blinking, so.. be careful 😉 There is no friendship!

  19. Tia says:

    @ILiekPizza: This sounds weird but can you have a dream that you woke up at 2am and go out side. I’m asking becuase I had this really weird dream last tuesday night. Everything felt real and I was telling Elliot,Erick and Brady to not wake my mum and brothers up and I said I’m getting sick of all of you annoying/ death staring me and my friends can you leave us alone’. My dream end with Elliot saying you are a wolf and your in our pack and we will keep a eye on you just in case you do something. The next day they stop giving me and my friends death stares, they have been staying away from me but they keep walking past and looking at me. On thusday I was wanting for my teacher and I saw Erick walking over. Everyone was in he’s way when he finly got past one of the girls tap him on the shouder and ask him why he is always mad when he walks around school. He said I’m not mad then he walked off. When he walked past me I heard him growl. When that was happen I thought I heard him saying help me out. lol At less I’m not getting bad feelings anymore and I feel safe at school. 🙂

  20. Blue moon blaze says:

    I have a question maybe somebody might have a answer to I keep seeing a blue moon in my dreams its very strong blue glow and its a very powerful image and its so captivating to look at as I stare at it and it changes me somehow in my dream then I wake up but I still see the blue moon in my dreams even still now why and I know it means something I know it plus there is lunar phenomon coming soon in the lunar cycle known as the blue moonthis cant be just concidence does any body know anthing about the blue moon transformation in the lunar cycle and its history of it at all thanks for any info on this.

  21. keila says:

    i have no idea what i am but i don’t feel normal and i have the instinct to kill.

    somebody help me please,i beg you¡¡¡

  22. Nicky says:

    I would really like to know how it´s feel like to see a werewolf 🙂 … or met one.

  23. Ashley says:

    Hey nicky someday we might bump into each other n i cant sleep to scared…

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