if you do not believe in werewolves

People that do not believe in werewolves are always so vocal and so against werewolves existing, but are they ever able to show any type of real physical proof that they do not exist?  If you can’t show proof that they do not exist, then how can you say anything against people that think that werewolves do exist??

This is the whole dilemma with the werewolf debate.

The people that think werewolves do not exist are very firm in their opinions.  They are very vocal. They even mock those that believe that werewolves do exist.  But challenge them to come up with some kind – any kind – of proof that they do not exist and there is nothing!  But the people that do believe in werewolves have on their side – and can reference – sightings, legends, and stories.  While the non-believers say this is not enough, it is still more than the non-believers can produce.

But would any kind of evidence ever really truly be enough?  Could a werewolf be standing right in front of a someone that did not believe in them and then would that person believe?  Doubtful.  They would think it was a hoax, a costume, or makeup. They could be face-to-face with one and still not believe in them.  Because they already have their minds made up one way.   So, to all non-believers out there, I challenge you to try to keep an open mind and acknowledge that there are still some things in the world that are still undiscovered and misunderstood.



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692 Responses

  1. gcgwgc says:

    You’re using the shockofgod argument. How can we prove something doesn’t exist? Werewolves are YOUR proposition, it’s up to you to provide substantive evidence, until then you can’t call us closed minded just because we don’t believe in myths and legends. Otherwise, everything must be believed, if I tell you that the whole universe was farted out by a giant walrus, and I asked you to prove me wrong, what “evidence” can you offer to show that my proposition is incorrect? Your lack of evidence for werewolves, and the fantastic concept of werewolves to begin with, is evidence enough for me to be convinced that there is no such thing.

  2. GothicWerewolf says:

    @gcgwgc: Just what I was thinking, anybody else here get reminded of the Flying Spaghetti Monster??? ;p

  3. astute newt says:

    @gcgwgc, I think the cosmic walrus may become the new thing. lol.

  4. Lycanhope says:

    @gcgwgc: I could say that if the universe was made from a walrus fart of cosmic proportions there would be some kind of gas reisdue left over in space, which you could easily explain away by the gases burning up in stars.
    I could say where is this walrus now? To which you could say it asphyxiated itself and decomposed over billions of years.
    No matter what anyone says, on either side of the argument, the other side will say different. I think the point behind this topic was that we all have different opinions, and noone can say who is right or wrong.

  5. tristan says:

    werewolves are not real ur sumb for thinking so because im gunna use this for exaple u said that ppl that dont believe in werewolves do not have any real physical evidence well show me ur evidence that they do exist jerk off thats right oyu dant have any so u can suck one becuz there not get over it and go on with life u no life freak because no mythological creature exists thats like saying the minotaur or however u spell it i honestly dont care but thats like saying he exists just becuz a over stretched story no its not true neither are any other lil queer fairy tail stories so just give up and tell me when u find a wolf head on a human body u nut case go to a mental institute or even asylum what are u gunna say next that freddy cruger is ur mother i didnt think so

  6. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    maybe he/she wont.but ya know what, im proof.and if thats not enough ill track u down, and kill u, and make it look like a wild animal did it b**ch

  7. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    and thats not how it works dummy!

  8. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    why are you even on her idiot?if you say werewolfs/vampires/zombies/etc. are fake, why do you have to come here and call every1 fake.ya know what, of humans were the only intellegent creatures,our world would be all concrete and glass.ugh, u are such a bi**h u f*g,if you were smart, (wich im sure your not) you would not be on here ni**er.ugh, i really really hate a lot of reg humans

  9. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    so get of this freakin site now or feal a werewolfs wrath.

  10. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    man, a lot of reg humans are stupid.

  11. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    ya know, your the stupidest of humans that are stupid.even vampires are way better than a lot of humans.humans just portray us (vampires, werewolfs) man…plus, twilght is the most portrayer of them all.

  12. buddy i believe, but seriously i agre with cosmic walrus guy

  13. toni says:

    wow i would love to meet a werewolf 🙂 i love them want to b one really i dont see them as bad people or creatures.

  14. Shatto says:

    @gcgwgc: We actually can show evidence that the universe was not “farted out by a giant walrus” therefore your example is invalid, please find another. Thank you.

  15. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    I think there may be proof werewolves are real

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