if you met a werewolf you’d want to meet a wulver

The Wulver – not wolverine, WULVER – is a type of Scottish werewolf.  The Wulver is a bit different from traditional werewolves in that it is believed that the Wulver was never at any point an actual man, but rather a creature that evolved from wolves to resemble a wolf-man creature.  The Wulver is said to have a human’s body with a wolf’s head, he had a mouth full of sharp fangs, and was covered in fur.  Although the wulver looked terrifying, it is said to be a gentle creatures and it was said it would sometimes guide lost travelers through the area. In fact, one particular werewolf enjoyed fishing, and would spend his time sitting on a rock fishing the time away.

But this brings up a question…. this particular werewolf was not hostile, and it was also never a man.  Are those two things connected?    Does the “man” part of the werewolf bring the aggression / hostility / anger out in a creature? Or are these two things not related at all and it is just the individual personality of the beast / creature / man that does it? There are many that think that humans are inherently violent and hostile, and most animals are by their very nature gentle – only operating under anger and violence when needed.  This would mean that it is not the animal – or as humans like to say “beast”- that is the problem in half man / half “beast” creatures, but that it is the “man” that is the problem.  Of course, no human would ever want to admit this.



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3 Responses

  1. mass says:

    hmm makes u think

  2. she wolf says:

    Animals are very gentle in nature. Even the most dangerous that we know is very gentle. They would just go very dangerous because we provoke them. Humans are the most violent creature. I had to admit it, Humans are very violent because they think that if they are the most aggresive, most violent and most win fights they think that they are on top.

    But in truth that’s wrong. If you wanna be on top. Be kind to everything. Not being violent. It makes you are on the bottom.

  3. Lycanhope says:

    Unprovoked wolf attacks on humans = minimal.
    Unprovoked human attacks on wolves = too many to count.
    I believe this answers that question.

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