If your dog or cat became a vampire, this is what he or she would look like!

vampire catIf your dog or cat was a vampire, what would he or she look like?

Would your dog’s long fangs protrude above his lower lip giving him a vicious (but cute!) look? Would you ignore the saliva dripping down from those vampiric shiny fangs in favor of those big brown eyes?

Would your cat’s soulful eyes lure you in with their sweetness, despite the fact that razor-sharp fangs poked down from her upper lip? Would her soft meow lull you into forgetting the vampire qualities so prominent on her face?

It’s a good bet that if your cat or dog became a vampire, their cuteness would be magnified tenfold, and humans would be at their mercy! Fangs or not, people would long to cuddle with them, reach to scratch between their ears, and lean down to coo at them. The human population would quickly crumble as they became the main meal of their pets!

Here’s a real-life dog and cat, both of which have been famously known for their vampire traits. Somehow it seems to work for them….or maybe that’s the vampire hypnosis at work(?)!



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