If, as many humans think, werewolves are just myth, legend, and folklore, well then it would stand to reason that werewolves are spotted equally throughout the entire United States.  People would report sightings all throughout the nation pretty much equally – right?

Well, not exactly! The number of werewolf sightings in the United States are actually a bit higher in one state in particularWisconsin. In fact, Wisconsin boasts well over 200 werewolf sightings! Sightings date back as far as 1936 when a hairy 6 foot creature with a wolf-like face and an odor of “decaying meat” was spotted digging in an old Indian Burial ground near Jefferson, Wisconsin.  Since then, Wisconsin has continuously ranked highest in first hand werewolf reports and encounters.  Wisconsin accounts for some of the country’s more famous sightings such as the infamous “Beast of Bray Road” which dates back to 1949 as well as the more current sightings of the “Beast of 7 Chutes” (aka the Dogman).  While many recent sightings clearly describe werewolves, others seem to be linked more closely with a resemblance to a bigfoot-type creature.